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American Idol recap: In (And After) The Year 2000....

The top 7 mostly stick to their own genres with ‘Songs from the 21st Century’

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Casey Abrams Idol

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I’d like to kick off this recap with some amazing end-of-show insight from J. Lo that really sums up the Idol-viewing experience for you, for me. “Listening to those voices, back to back, I’m like, oh my God. It’s crazy! Who’s gonna win? I don’t know!” I feel her pain. That was just beautiful.

Before we could really dive into the abyss of Songs from the 21st Century on this week’s American Idol, all of the eliminated season 10 contestants shocked me shocked me shocked me with their deviant behavior in a surprise group performance of Pink’s “So What.” Brutal! This took me way out of my performance night concentration zone with its barely familiar faces, sparkly flowers, and general awfulness. I mean, yeah, they all got eliminated —  so what? I seriously considered fast-forwarding through this once I came to the horrifying realization that Pia’s mic wasn’t working during her mini duet with Paul. But that wouldn’t have been very responsible; plus, I might have missed seeing Mark Ballas, his dad Corky, and a woman who looked exactly like Carol, C.J. Cregg’s assistant from The West Wing, in the audience. Steven confirmed it: “You just made America think twice about their decision.” To not press fast-forward.

Time for the Real Performances!

“Who doesn’t want to hold their mic like a flute?” asked Scotty McCreery. Uh, cool people? Among others, I’m sure. Scotty’s rendition of LeAnn Rimes’ “Swingin’” sounded like the same performance he’s done every week so far. For me, the only thing that distinguished it was a slightly heightened sense of self-awareness, but I think the “let’s celebrate each other’s flaws” segment that directly preceded his performance might be to blame for that. Everything just seemed a bit hokier than usual — the hero-sandwich mic grip, the super-sly eyebrow raise after the line “She’s the apple of my eye,” and the way he took a seat onstage only to spread his lanky limbs real wide for the audience. So casual, our boy. Such a gem. When he finished, all I felt was a little PO’ed (as Haley would say) because those lyrics contained the words CHOCOLATE PIE and I’d eaten only a miserable chickpea salad for dinner. Thanks a lot, McCreery! Steven suggested Scotty “sashay” more, which is always helpful, and Randy and J. Lo urged him to finally push past his comfort zone. I thought they’d never ask.

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