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American Idol recap: 14 of season 11's Top 24 announced

The judges name 14 of the Top 24; the rejects are cast into deadly pools of plasma

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Ryan Seacrest is revving up. We’re just one week away from the season 11 live shows, and he was running down a dream, itching to shout out his signature line, “This!” That’s it. “This!” That’s Ryan’s calling card, ever since he stopped saying “Seacrest out.” Weird.

Anyway, here’s Ryan as he tiptoed down the scary “green mile” catwalk of American Idol‘s final judgement round. “THIS! is the path each contestant will take to meet their fate.” It’s a dramatic walk, but nothing can prepare them for THE DEADLY SMOKE MONSTER.

Or, as it turned out, our three judges. Especially J. Lo with her sparkly green “Stripper mermaid desperate to be cast on Dancing With the Stars” dress. The look was appropriate, though, considering that last night’s entire production — set on the colorful Le Rêve stage on the Las Vegas Strip — revolved around the premise that at any point, any sea creature or land lubber alike was this close to disappearing forever into a brilliantly hued pool of plasma.

And many of them did. We said goodbye to Lauren Gray, Blaire “Who?” Sieber, Naomi Gilles, Neco Starr, Clayton Farhat, River St. James, Caleb Johnson, and awful cowboy Richie Law. The plasma got ’em. It’ll get us all in the end, if we ever decide to “make it to Vegas.” It’s just what happens.

Check out J. Lo during Lauren Gray’s solo of “I Would Rather Go Blind”:

Has this been her fakest American Idol smile yet?! The competition is fierce.

The episode ended — as so many do — with an emotional cliffhanger involving new dad Adam Brock, who was sobbing heavily before the three Fates as they prolonged the announcement of his destiny.

After tonight’s two-hour telecast, I can tell you only 14 of the top 24 moving on in the hopes of becoming America’s Next Top Idol. The six guys and eight girls definitely singing for your votes next week are…..

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