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American Idol recap: Top 7 elimination

The Alabama trio gets torn apart as the competition (finally) starts to pick up.

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Wednesday night’s “Competitor’s Pick” theme was finally an opportunity for this year’s finalists to kick it into high gear and actually compete for once. Some were able to rise above and beyond the call of duty, while some others — mostly natives of one certain Southern state — still didn’t step up to the plate and kind of questioned whether they even belonged to be in the top 7 to begin with.

Jessica, C.J., and Dexter, a.k.a. Alabama Power, did not get the power of the people behind them after an embarrassing trio performance of “Compass” by Lady Antebellum that had absolutely no direction. C.J.’s adorable son made an appearance with the biggest headphones ever, which I think helped C.J. in the votes and his performance, and he was safe from elimination and predictably left Jessica Meuse and Dexter Roberts in the bottom two, with Dexter getting the boot.

As for the show, these Idol producers need to be a lot more transparent with their constant cross-promotion of nothing. We saw enough Terry Bradshaw last night, we did not need to hear him scream again. Having said that, Kevin Bacon (who, yes, is on a Fox show) did a great guest introduction taking over Ryan’s “one thing.” Take a break one week, Seacrest, and let Bacon have some more time and really sizzle onstage, because the interaction actually made me smile…DAMNIT FOX! IT WORKED!

How are you feeling, Harry? You sure sound a little better than last night and look good in your suit. Keith didn’t get the suit memo but promised he would wear one next week. (“You’d rock the heck out of a suit, Keith Urban!” OK, maybe Harry still isn’t feeling 100 percent.) And here’s a question from a man: Are those thigh-high boots comfortable in any way, J. Lo? I mean, I think they look good, sure, but when you’re on a show where your one job is to just sit on a chair and prepare for the numerous (and I use that word lightly) close-ups of your face, they seem a little excessive.

The Idol finalists also celebrated the 50th anniversary of the Ford Mustang, and I actually got to hang out with them on set. It’s amazing how much time and manpower is needed for such a brief little spot. But those cars are really awesome in person. They were all collectibles and museum pieces, and their owners were on set too. The only thing of note was that Jena is still single and really looking to mingle…a lot.

I thought it was going to be Jessica’s night to go home, continuing the trend of girls getting the boot (not counting Sam’s save), so I was a little surprised that it was Dexter’s time. I thought he had at least another week in him. I think Randy thought it was Jessica’s time to go too, when his only comment really during “Randy’s Review” was that he was curious to see how the votes were going to fare for her. A.k.a., you thought she was going home. At the same time, I thought Dexter was never going to win so…later, cowboy!

What do you think about tonight’s results? Share you thoughts below!