March 28, 2014 at 02:23 AM EDT

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The results show scrunched itself down to 30 minutes this week, yet there was still time for multiple participants to fondle Ryan Seacrest’s missing shoe. “Look what’s back in my hand! The shoe drops… for someone. Tonight. This! Is American Idol.” So that was great, that ate up about 30 seconds.

Time for results! Somewhat surprisingly, “by a narrow mahhh-gin” according to Keith Urban, the judges did NOT use their season 13 save on eliminated singer Majesty Rose (pictured, far left). I thought they might, especially after Harry Connick Jr. prognosticated a big potential comeback for her during his critique on Wednesday’s performance show (check out my full recap of that). But based on Majesty’s actual performances, it was the right call. As bubbly and colorful as the sweet preschool teacher was, she never quite popped correctly. Her trajectory was more like messy and uncertain splatter. Preschool stuff. I think we all wanted her to pop! Very disappointing.

She’s got a lovely voice and disposition, and I’d still kill (wrong word choice) to be in her preschool class. Those kids will get the confident, leave-it-all-on-the-stage/sharing-circle performances we always wanted from our dear royal (roy-al!). Tonight’s aggressive “Gimme the mic!” demand, once she learned she’d have to sing for her life, seemed out of character. But maybe she was just over it and recognized the futility of it all?

Let’s see, what else? Sam Woolf and C.J. Harris joined Majesty in the official bottom three. Before that, Dexter Roberts had been the last of the Top 9 sitting on the Stools of Doom with the three of them and Ryan Seacrest explained, “One of you is safe, and the others are our bottom three tonight.” REALLY, RYAN? Throughout the show, I kept cracking up because somehow even with the condensed airtime it seemed like more filler than usual! Next time I would like footage of Randy Jackson as the contestants’ butler during their scripted outdoor dining experience.

Sam’s rainbow tie-dye t-shirt, basted in the slightest spectrum of pastels, irked the hell out of me (much like last night’s loud floral shirt) but soon after that it became my favorite element of the results show. I just settled into it big-time. Maybe that will happen with his performance-style, too? That last part’s not gonna happen, but I can’t think of anything more soothing right now than Sam’s silly shirt. I should replicate it in Photoshop and make it my screensaver. Or just BUY A SHIRT! Anyway, it looks like Sam’s gonna keep punking us with his bold fashion choices and I for one think that could only help his chances. What are we going to say about him unless he wears something dumb? We’re already running out of options!

Was it the right choice tonight? Discuss!

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