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American Idol recap: Top 5 Girls perform!

The Top 5 take on Birth Years and Divas; Nicki Minaj politely pays homage to Mariah Carey’s status as a Royal

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American Idol Recap

American Idol

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Tonight’s Idol did its best to downplay the undeniable reign of Candice Glover — she sang powerfully, but got the dreaded first slot. And the judges saved their fiercest standing O’s and April Showers of Praise for both of Kree Harrison’s songs as well as the second offerings of Angie Miller and Amber Holcomb. Janelle Arthur no longer exists.

Will any of tonight’s 10 performances from the Top 5 ladies stick with you longer than Nicki Minaj’s sartorial homage to American Idol‘s ovular logo? I didn’t even know they sold boobs that big! Impressive stuff. Her red dress’ majestic cutout somehow managed to make her boobs look like a bare butt.

butt boobs

As usual, I am learning a lot. Here we go!


Candice Glover, Paula Abdul’s “Straight Up”: Uh-do-do ya love me? I do! This was great. This one was more about vibe than vocal power — not that Candice doesn’t bring that every time, of course, but her downtempo twist on Paula’s upbeat pop classic was what set Candice apart in the first round. I liked the jazziness and think that if Candice had done a more straightforward cover it might have seemed silly coming from her. Keith Urban remarked on Candice’s “beautiful control of the runs,” which always sounds to me like a nice way to put a terrible digestive condition. Candice doesn’t choose her runs; she feels them. “It’s like the slow wink one gets across a bahhhhh.” Exactly!

Enter middle-aged stationary cringe-a turtle (sorry) Jimmy Iovine to harsh Candice’s flow with his backstage critique: Candice should have shown a fuller vocal range, he said. “She needs a big song at this point.” I’m not sure that’s even true — if Candice did only HUGE EVENTS, that’d get repetitive and they’d each be less special. Oh well.

Shades of Retta, anyone?

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