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American Idol recap: Top 10 perform live

Only a few of the Top 10 stand out on ‘Music of the American Idols’ night; Nicki Minaj talks snacks

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The guys and girls finally went head-to-head, and to honor this tremendous occasion, Idol created a “Music of the American Idols” theme that yielded some of the most boring, done-to-death Top 10 performances ever. But entertainment doesn’t really matter. What’s really important is that these people look fabulous, and that at least one of them has stimulated the sexual appetite of tardy-to-the-party Nicki Minaj.

Curtis Finch, Jr., Fantasia’s “I Believe” — This was just really bad — the self-proclaimed “modern-day Luther Vandross” (nope) was off-pitch with a cheesy delivery, and he was a step off the beat the whole time. Nicki Minaj was still in traffic at this point, rushing to the set after fighting off a crazy alien robot for its favorite sunglasses. So of course none of the three other judges straight-up told Curtis he was not good. Keith mentioned “so much adrenaline rushing on,” Randy complimented Curtis’ “fly jacket” (NO), and Mariah claimed she wanted more raw gospel vocals from Curtis. I guess his affinity for church music is the only thing about him she remembered (including his performance tonight).

“I know there’s more of you in your bag,” said Randy Jackson. Not fun to picture!

Janelle Arthur, Montgomery Gentry’s “Gone” — I’m glad Janelle went uptempo with this tune Scotty McCreery covered in season 10. This is probably the best performance she could have given considering she sang second (the worst spot) and needed to deliver something at least…visually memorable? I mean, she had good energy. Great hair. Cool belt. Denim vest. Much like that string of highlights, Janelle’s vocals definitely lost steam near the end (Janelle blamed “cotton mouth”), but at least she tried something different.

I wouldn’t vote for her to stay against the other girls, but she out-performed most of the guys. Is that a ringing endorsement? Nah, and neither is this: Nicki, Randy and Mariah all offered Janelle the exact same critique: The song choice was lacking…but YOU LOOK TERRIFIC!

Basically, I’ll remember Janelle’s amazing beaded skirt and that’s it.

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