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American Idol recap: Janelle Arthur eliminated

Paula Abdul straight-up takes back that judge’s seat. Did one of the Top 5 women get the Save of the Season?

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Straight up now tell me: Is anyone else weeping right now? The last 10 minutes of that results show was an emotional roller coaster compared to the moving walkway of “meh” that’s defined most of our Thursday nights. The judges did NOT use their one save of season 12, so all-American honeypie Janelle Arthur has been eliminated.

After Wednesday’s performance show, on which the judges basically discarded the little marshmallow as a contender, Janelle seemed to have no expectation of survival tonight. When she and Kree Harrison landed in the bottom two, Kree was the only one who looked freaked out. Janelle had to keep patting everyone on the back and murmuring “It’s okay.”

Still — that ‘save me’ song! Am I just in a mood where I feel like crying, or was “You Keep Me Hanging On” charged with more emotion than even her first performance of the Supremes hit? For someone who knew she was going home, Janelle really sold that. What perfect lyrics, too, for the moment. Set her free, judges. You know you want to! Don’t keep her hanging on. Is it gonna be Janelle and you forever, or are you just having “fun”?

At least the judges appeared to actually deliberate the save mid-song this time!

In previous years, the judges’ last chance to use the Save has been for the Top 6. Clearly it’s still in play, so my guess is they’ll go ahead and use it next week (or just declare a non-elimination week).

I’m loving all the camaraderie among the girls, and how often they keep saying “I love you.” That’s such a lady thing. I think Ryan Seacrest feels left out. Proclaim your love for people and things, Ryan! Just not in that ill-advised Southern accent.

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