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American Horror Story recap: Season 6, Episode 5

Bye, bye Mott Mansion … hopefully?

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If a four-letter word didn’t immediately pop into your mind when this episode finished up one story and the look-ahead preview introduced the next, congrats. You’ve somehow managed to keep your mental vocab out of the gutter despite getting all the way to the sixth season of American Horror Story‘s delightful despicable madness because holy [bleep], this is getting bananas.

Ryan Murphy warned EW that Roanoke would buck his own tradition and that we should expect something big and twisty to this way come via episode six, so here’s what tonight taught us about what’s about to happen to us all.

Introducing Edward Philippe Mott

Ahh, ripples and connections. Evan Peters, one of AHS‘ most prized character chameleons, has come back bearing the gift of backstory. His character, Edward Philippe Mott, was the ancestor of Freak Show‘s Gloria and Dandy, and despite his gobs of wealth and authority (and an, erm, proper wig), he chose the wrong location to plant his roots and construct the very mansion that’s causing everyone such headache right now.

Mott, who was in a relationship with his male servant Guinness, decided that he wanted to escape the burden of societal judgment and tuck into a castle in the woods with his prized paintings and live out his days enjoying the company (and “velvet tongue”) of his boyfriend. Too bad the Butcher Thomasin’s already laid claim to the place because he and Guinness had a pretty good thing going for themselves until the ghosts started taunting them.

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They made it just a week in the new abode before all hell broke loose, and the ghastly destruction — excuse me, “murder” — of his prized paintings revealed the fury that so often exists in Peters’ AHS personalities. He accuses and abuses his staff, locks them in a cellar, and then reminds his boytoy that he, too, is extremely low on the social ladder.

Of course, his vitriol and high and mighty attitude doesn’t last long because when Thomasin shows up with little dirty army, they impale Mott on the spot and then flay him alive at the stake. Yow.

This is where we see the inevitable AHS: Hotel reference. Thanks to the ~*internet*~ fans have now figured out that each of the show’s first episodes (titled “Chapters”) have neatly corresponded with the respective themes of the previous seasons. So, since this is Chapter 5, we’ve got Hotel to think about. And the connection’s not hard to make. In Hotel, Peters’ character Mr. March was also a wealthy landowner who designed his new palace with sneaky hallways and tunnels no one else knew about. Granted, it was probably for a different reason this time around, but it still happened.

He also had to live with the victims of his hand in Hotel, and dying on this site seems to have a similar undead roamer effect as the Hotel Cortez did. Only, instead of delighting in the bustling misery of the souls that surround him like March, Mott’s not so happy about all the death… probably especially from all those poor people he locked away in the cellar for something they didn’t do. (Also, every time he passes a torch across his face, we get a skeleton flashback to his Season 1 costume, no?)

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