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America's Got Talent recap: Live Round 3

Some acts can’t be saved on ‘America’s Got Talent.’ But we can save the clock tower.

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Virginia Sherwood/NBC

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It’s the last chance for 12 acts to win a spot in the semi-finals on America’s Got Talent and each performer came to win! Tiny women used their big voices, a mentalist blew the judges’ mind, and one regurgitator proved that he can pretty much swallow anything and hack it back up. Here’s a breakdown of the remaining acts…

Chapkis Dance Family

Did anyone else get a major Coming to America vibe during this performance? Replace the whimsical feathers and African style with military jackets and angry faces and you pretty much have the same dance. I thought it was ridiculously synchronized. Of course Howard saw flailing zombies and chaotic spiders. This does not bode well for the dance crew.

Metal Mulisha Fitz Army

I’m still not clear how an entire show can be built around four motocross daredevils, but I’m just going to go with it because these guys are crazy fun. Once again, they flipped, twisted, and completely let go of their bikes while suspended in mid-air. It’s man verses machine and the judges love them! No arms, no legs, no brains! That’s a recipe for success in Howie’s mind.


Poor DADitude. They wanted America to see them as more than a bunch of old guys dancing. And they chose to use an iconic car from an iconic movie that debuted in 1985 to accomplish this task. The Twitter kids weren’t born in 1985! A DeLorean? Thank goodness they didn’t break out the Back to the Future soundtrack with a little Huey Lewis & the News. The chair choreography was a hot mess and the yellow plaid dad was a beat behind the others the entire time. I agree with the judges on this one. I like what they stand for, but the four red buzzers were necessary. DADitude needed to be put out of their misery.

Alicia Michilli

I don’t know about Alicia. I was distracted while she was growling out “I Put A Spell On You.” I kept wondering why her hair looked like she was about to clean the house, yet her dress was ready for a cocktail party? It was a slow, haunting song. Maybe that’s why I had time to think about how her outfit really needed a bracelet? If I had to guess, I’d say that wasn’t the performance that will take her to the next round. The judges were a bit “meh” in their critiques as well. Not a good sign.

Gary Vider

Howie and I love Gary Vider. I understand that his type of comedy is an acquired taste. He’s slow. He’s calm. This drives Heidi crazy. But this is what makes him wonderfully weird, too. Is he the best comedian? Right now, Drew Lynch is his only competition. If the judges pit most of the singers in this round against one another, Gary may have a shot at the semi-finals.

Mountain Faith Band

Let’s be honest—the vocals were not their best. But I’ll give them an A+ for singing “Shut Up and Dance” in bluegrass. The group is definitely musical, too. They can saw a fiddle and pluck a banjo like nobody’s business. I just didn’t think this was their best performance. I wouldn’t be surprised if they were in the Dunkin’ Save. I also think America will save them because they are so darn likable.

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