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Revenge recap: 'Ambush'

It’s the reunion we’ve all been waiting for, and it’s pretty awkward.

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Emily VanCamp, Madeleine Stowe

Talk about a letdown. During “Ambush,” when Emily and David finally met face to face, it was in the most unceremonious, extraordinarily dull manner. In fact, it was almost decidedly un-Revenge-y in its monotony.

After all this time and anticipation, Emily opened the door to Grayson Manor to see her long-lost father standing there like an awkward neighbor delivering a package that was accidentally sent to his house. So why no pomp? Why no circumstance?

It was a disappointing moment mainly because David is, altogether, rather disappointing. The man still couldn’t recognize his own daughter–there was not even a flicker of acknowledgment in his eyes. And he’s also a rather confusing character—he’s supposed to be a man astute enough to have a larger agenda, an intricate web of lies and deceit, yet he comes across as a bumbling, bewildered buffoon.

Perhaps Emily asked it best…

“Who the hell is he, Nolan?”

I mean honestlyhow could you not know? If you could recognize Charlotte (who was just an infant the last time you saw her) by her eyes alone, how could you not recognize the girl you used to dance to “Everybody’s Talkin” with on the beach when she was 5?

Leave it to Nolan to always give someone the benefit of the doubt, telling Emily, “This David Clarke is not the man we once knew.” He argues that something truly atrocious must have happened to him between then and now to make it so that he can’t recognize his own flesh and blood.

And that atrocious something also turned him into a murderer, as Emily’s starting to learn. When she snuck into the old Clarke beach house while Victoria and David were mid-slumber, she found a knife hidden in her old hiding place, the Infinity Box. She asks Nolan to find out if it is at all connected to Conrad Grayson’s murder.

“Something had to have kept him away,” Nolan argues. But what? That is the question I assume will hog the majority of season 4.

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