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The Amazing Race season finale recap: Flying High

Teams take on magic tricks with David Copperfield and skydiving for their final leg in Las Vegas

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The Amazing Race Do You Believe In Magic
Sonja Flemming/CBS

The Amazing Race

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It’s the final leg of the race, and as Caroline says early on in the episode, the claws are out — at least at first.

The race begins at Peckforton Castle in England, where teams are told to head to Las Vegas for the last leg. Everyone is pretty jazzed to be on their way, but Rachel is the most excited of them all: She jumps up and down and squeals with joy before they continue on their merry way. (Rachel later reveals she used to work at Las Vegas’ Mirage Hotel.)

It only takes the journey from England to America for the excitement to fizzle and the tension to set in among the teams. Once they arrive in Vegas, each team has to get in a Ford Explorer that will take them to their first destination, which turns out to be a digging site where everyone must take a shovel and digs until they find something. A lot of bickering between teams happens at this point — country singers vs. Rachel, Connor vs. Rachel. Can’t we all just get along?

Dave and Connor are first to hit something with their shovels. It turns out to be a locked wooden box reading “Property of David Copperfield.” They run back to their car, box in hand, and are off to the first challenge of the leg.

While Dave and Connor fail to open the box, Rachel has the idea to use a tire iron to pry it open. It works, and inside she and Brendon find a ring of keys that will prove useful in the upcoming challenge at the MGM Grand. Way to be resourceful, Rachel.

Once the teams arrive at the Las Vegas Strip, they are greeted by illusionist David Copperfield — who invented a challenge just for them. One person from each team will be locked inside a wooden crate. He or she has to find the one key — out of the ring of keys they found earlier — that will unlock their shackles. As soon as they’re free from the shackles, they have to reach outside of the crate, find lock picks in a jar on the top of the crate, then use those lock picks to release the chains keeping them captive. As soon as they undo the chains (and the box is set on fire), they tell their other teammate via video to pull a switch. The challenge is titled “Do You Believe in Magic?” on the race’s clue cards, but this sounds more like torture than magic.

Connor takes on the challenge this time around — he was gifted a David Copperfield magic kit for Christmas one year, and “it was a dream come true,” so he’s pumped. The country singers are equally excited, but for, uh, different reasons: “You’re so handsome!” they shout at Copperfield upon meeting him. Yes; yes, he is.

Dave is blindfolded and taken to the crate before Connor gets settled in and finds out he has to open the box. He smashes it on the ground a few times and eventually gets the keys out, then is led to a van with a video monitor to watch Connor get through the challenge.

Connor breezes through all the unlocking and lock-picking, then yells at his dad to flip the switch. But as soon as Dave flips it, the now-suspended crate goes crashing to the ground in a fiery blaze that prompts Dave to nervously ask Copperfield, “where is he?”

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