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The Amazing Race recap: Got Milk?

Teams do some math, carry some milk jugs with the help of adorable dogs, and gondola their way to the type of Mount Titlis — ain’t no mountain high enough for these Amazing Racers!

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The Amazing Race Accidental Alliance

The Amazing Race

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Last week’s big drama came from Brendon and Rachel U-Turning Dave and Connor, which led to a very unhappy Dave and Connor, and Brenchel winning first place. Although Dave, Connor, Caroline, Jennifer, Leo, and Jamal spent most of that episode talking about how messed up that Brenchel move was, they apparently didn’t talk about it enough then, because it was still a topic of conversation on this week’s episode. Ugh.

Brendon and Rachel start off the ninth leg at Piazza del Duomo, where they’re told they have to catch in a train in Rome and travel nearly 400 miles over the Swiss Alps to Chiasso, Switzerland. Once there, they have to find Wilhelm Tell to get the next clue.

Brenchel is pumped: They get to the train first and don’t see any of the other teams on the platform, so they’re all like, “PERFECT.” Once they board, they’re still beaming about being the only ones on the train — that is until Dave, Connor, Caroline, Jennifer, Leo, and Jamal (who from now on will be referred to as the Accidental Alliance) bust into their car. Surprise!

This would all make me very happy if the Accidental Alliance would stop whining about last week’s U-Turn. If the U-Turn was never brought up again, I would go, “Ha! Take THAT Brenchel!” But they do keep talking about the U-Turn — and can someone please shut them up? Dave, Connor: You’re still in the game! Nobody likes Brendon and Rachel anyway! (Apologies to those on Team Brenchel.)

The Accidental Alliance is one big happy family at this point, and Brendon and Rachel are like the estranged siblings. “Who needs friends?” Rachel says. If I weren’t so annoyed by her I would find this question very sad. Friends are great, Rachel; don’t try to pretend you don’t want them.

Once they all get to Chiasso, their task is to find Wilhem Tell for the next clue. En route to Tell, they find themselves in the middle of a parade of sorts, including kids carrying around what look like buckets for Halloween candy. There is no explanation for this at any point in the episode, so I’m wondering if this is just a normal Switzerland thing that happens?

The Accidental Alliance arrives at the sculpture of Wilhem Tell first, but finds out they have to wait until sunrise for a Wilhelm Tell impersonator to give them their clue. This is when they coin the name “Accidental Alliance,” which I am very thankful for — writing all six of their names each time I talked about them was going to get tiresome.

Brenchel arrive to a not-so-welcoming welcoming party. Brenchel are super annoying, but this whole Everyone Vs. Them thing is starting to feel too high school and making me like everyone else less. At this point, I want Jet and Cord to win — and Jet and Cord barely even do anything exciting.

“I don’t think Brendon and I are going to win Amazing Race Final Five Favorites,” Rachel speculates. At least she’s self-aware?

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