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The Amazing Race recap: Kickin' It

Teams head to the U.K. to play soccer, learn some Welsh, and practice their shooting skills.

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Amazing Race

The Amazing Race

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Breaking: Dave and Connor didn’t mention that one time Brenchel U-Turned them in this episode. I repeat: They didn’t mention that one time Brenchel U-Turned them. At last!

Now let’s get into this week’s leg: Things got started in Seville, where teams were instructed to head to London, then pick up a car from the airport and drive to Liverpool, where they’d get a chance to test their skills against some professional goalkeepers in the famous Anfield Stadium. What this meant for us: We got to see how bad most of the Amazing Racers are at kicking a ball.

As big-time soccer fans, Leo and Jamal were adorably excited to just be at Anfield Stadium, despite Jamal’s kinda-bum knee. (Last week he injured his knee in the Running with the Ballz challenge, but not too bad — in this episode, he just says he can’t “run at full speed.”) They are so excited that Leo lies down on the field and kisses the ground. How romantic!

Once the Afghanimals are done making out with the grass, they get to choose between two goalkeepers. One is smaller, the other bigger, so they enthusiastically opt for the smaller guy assuming he’ll be easier to get the ball past. And they are wrong. Very, very wrong.

Others may judge the Racers for how bad their soccer “skills” were, but as someone who can kick a ball all of, oh, five feet, I’m going to ease up on the snark for this part of the leg — especially because they’re up against professional goalkeepers who spend their lives training to block balls.

That being said, Dave and Connor should stick to any sport other than soccer. Walking, maybe? Dave made a bunch of grunting noises because all the kicking was getting to him, and Connor shyly laughed and made excuses about his lack of coordination as he missed goal after goal. Caroline and Jennifer were as equally not-good, and Caroline admitted in the confessional “I don’t have a strategy.” Yeah, OK, Caroline. Repeatedly calling the goalkeeper (the bigger — and cuter — one) “mean” for not letting the ball past him and crying out things like, “I thought you liked me!” seem like a strategy to me.

While those three teams struggle with the ball, Brendon and Rachel kill it — Brendon says they both have soccer experience, and it shows. They finish relatively quickly and try to lose Leo and Jamal, who are trailing them, as they drive to their next clue.

Eventually, Dave, Connor, Caroline, and Jennifer get their four goals and drive off to the roadbloack. Which is…

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