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The Amazing Race recap: '

Eight teams struggle to pour a perfect pyramid of cocktails or pretend to be DJs at a Malaysian nightclub

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Amazing Race

The Amazing Race

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Phil Keoghan
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Party Time! Excellent. All the racers deserve a pyramid of cocktails for surviving the most stressful party to ever take place in a Malaysian penthouse. Well, except Luke. Oh, what’s that? Luke just broke everyone else’s glasses? Okay then. NO DRINKS. The cruelest fate.

The Leg 4 party kicks off as one member from the eight remaining teams must jump on a bamboo trampoline — manned by a dozen or so also-bouncing, well-costumed Murut people of the Borneo region — and reach for a flag adjusted to their heights in the Leaps and Bounds RoadBlock.

Most racers achieve this with minimal/comical trouble, but a lack of “Cord”-ination keeps Cowboy Cord from succeeding until his whopping 47th try. It’s fine, though — they’re still so far ahead it doesn’t matter. Big Easy defies everyone’s expectations by not breaking the bamboo trampoline. It’d have been funny if he had and they’d try to mend it using some of the thousands of Harlem Globetrotters sweatbands these guys seem to have lying around (How adorable was that beaming kid who received one?!), but of course that would have been unfair. The point of a bamboo trampoline seems to be that it in no way resembles an actual trampoline. Obviously!

The bamboo non-trampoline absolutely destroys poor Jessica’s feet, while Rachel encounters the opposite problem; she keeps slipping on the bamboo because of her pantyhose. “Ladies at home, if you’re wearing pantyhose, don’t try to do jumps on trampolines!” Rachel warns the TV-viewing audience, most of whom gape back at her and say “Woman, why in HELL are you wearing pantyhose?” It’s beastly hot outside, plus, if no one is forcing you to wear pantyhose then why would you ever do that? But I guess it’s so her legs won’t look pasty on camera. So if it’s a question of not lookin’ good vs. discomfort/infections, then Rachel’s gotta go infections.

A particularly zealous hugger seems determined to never let Caroline go, but eventually all the teams grab their flags and make it over to the airport, where they’ll fly from Kota Kinabalu to Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia. We’ve got three flights: Flight 1 (Jet and Cord, Leo and Jamal, Dave and Connor) lands an hour and a half ahead of the others at 9:42 p.m., but Flight 3 (Caroline and Jennifer, Brendon and Rachel, Jessica and John) ends up barely edging out Flight 2 (Margie and Luke, Flight Time and Big Easy) due to a delay. Now that’s what I call The Amazing Race! Flight delays! They’ll getcha. It’s nice to have some chaos up in here for a change. [Cue thumping house music…..]

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