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The Amazing Race recap: Season 23 finale recap

In the season 23 finale, teams chase a rhino and and vending machine in Tokyo, then end up in Alaska. And the winners are….

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The Amazing Race

The Amazing Race

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Whew! Our final four teams have bitten into four continents, nine countries, hundreds of paczki, and a heck of a lot of Pinky’s favorite food, lettuce. On the 11th and 12th legs, the remaining teams — Afghanimals Leo and Jamal, RoboDocs Travis and Nicole, New Englanders Jason and Amy, and increasingly likable exes Marie and Tim — raced from Tokyo to Juneau, Alaska. They can travel anywhere they want now, but [Phil Keoghan voice:] the image of an improperly assembled large-scale robot…. may haunt them forever. Enough stalling: The winners of The Amazing Race season 23 are….

Boston Jay and Sock Bun!

Yep — dating couple Jason Case, 33, and Amy Diaz, 29, have won brahhhhgging rights and a million bucks. But let’s start at the very beginning…

Nicole, Travis, Amy, and Jason are all still mad at Leo and Jamal for being lying liars who lie and lie and lie. “We’re just not those people,” explains Travis for the hundredth time. UGH. TRAVIS.

So the tight-knit foursome shut out the Afghanimals and welcome Tim and Marie into their We Work Together fold. The plan is for these six to work as a team. It’s a dumb alliance we all know won’t last — and it doesn’t, as soon as the teams arrive in Tokyo from Indonesia (through Singapore). You might even say Nicole and Travis were… lying… when they gave Tim and Marie the impression they wouldn’t ditch them as soon as a taxi showdown occurred. That’s exactly what happened. (Why even bother announcing this fictional alliance? So silly!)

Leo and Jamal know they have a Speed Bump to deal with, so they are ruthless at the Singapore airport, trying to find any transfer that’ll get them to Tokyo a few minutes sooner. If only they’d been so competitive sooner, right? (Well, kind of. This season, the leg winners have mostly been determined by challenge winners instead of who gets the best flights. Most of the time everyone traveled together.) The point is, Leo and Jamal touch down 10 or so minutes before the Not So Solid Six and get a decent head start on the day’s zany Tokyo adventures.

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