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The Amazing Race recap: 'It's Speedo Time (Brussels, Belgium)'

The teams braved three countries and some ridiculously tiny swimsuits only to learn that their journey was far from over

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The Amazing Race

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I have no better way to start this week’s recap than to quote viEWer participant George Lovell, who noted, “Given the bodybuilder/Speedo challenge tonight, I think we all have something to be thankful for this Thanksgiving week…Laurence was eliminated before this episode!” Seriously, y’all. Imagine… Nonetheless, TAR 19’s ninth leg came with plenty of surprises, not least of which was that the most unexpected Racers had hot little bodies. Also, that neither Cindy nor Ernie of Team OCD is particularly good with details. (And by details, I mean not losing their train tickets! Ack!) Add to that another equalizer and this season’s first Pit Stop punch-in-the-gut fake out. No sleep for you, Racers!

Back in Copenhagen, Team OCD were first to head to a Hans Christian Andersen statue. For the Road Block, they would have to memorize this Andersen poem: “To move, to breathe, to fly, to float, To gain all while you give, To roam the roads of lands remote: To travel is to live.” After committing it to memory, they were tasked with locating a nearby theater on a map that was printed on the wheel of a bicycle. They would then ride that bicycle to the theater and perform a dramatic recitation of the poem for a Danish drama critic, who was super creepy but also rocking a pretty fantastic burnt orange silk cravat. Long story short, Cindy nailed the poem, and OCD were finished with this part of the challenge well before any of their closest competitors had even reached the Andersen statue.

OCD moved on to the next clue point as Ma & Pa (Cathi and Bill) and the Olympians (Andy and Tommy) reached the statue. Bill was convinced that Cathi’s experience as an English teacher would benefit them, but some classes in cartography would have been more effective since both she and Tommy became terribly lost on the way to the theater. This gave Team NFL (Marcus and Amani) a chance to make up lost time. Marcus adopted the strategy of screaming random words at Amani for several minutes while she tried to memorize the poem. He said it would make for a clear mind on the ride to the theater, but even Amani seemed like she was about to punch her husband after a little while. Then again, it seemed to work in the end because Amani nailed the recitation before Cathi or Tommy arrived. When she arrived back at the statue, Marcus affirmed, “We just took the opening kick-off and ran it for a touchdown.”

After peddling around Copenhagen for quite some time, Cathi finally reached the theater. She was deliciously dramatic in her performance but missed one word (“untold” instead of “remote”), and so she had to return to the statue to correct her error. Even so, she beat both Tommy and Team Divorcees’ Sandy in her return trip to the theater and was just as ravishing in her second performance. Cathi wins tonight’s MVP role for her gesticulations alone. Tommy and Sandy eventually arrived and delivered the poem with dreadful deadpan. Asked for more drama, they had to bike back to the statue and then return to the theater, where they both completed the challenge on their second attempt.

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