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The Amazing Race recap: 'Super Shady (Copenhagen, Denmark)'

Amid countless turnovers, Team OCD finally took first place, Ma & Pa nailed butter making and bunny herding, and another U-Turn paired with a wrong turn sent Dad and Lad packing

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Sonja Flemming/CBS

The Amazing Race

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God (or whatever benevolent figure you look to) was smiling on us tonight, Race cases. How else do you explain the second consecutive Double U-Turn that resulted in Team Ma & Pa (Cathi and Bill) essentially herding bunny rabbits? Amazing, indeed! To my reckoning, this was the greatest Race challenge since the Great Cheese Roll of ’09. Also, proof that there is a God? No more Laurence! I only fear that tonight’s surprise ouster will mean Zac endures a lifetime of taunting over his inability to dance like a dandy from the Danish Renaissance.

Then again, TAR‘s God has a pretty sick sense of humor because this was one of the most bumbling, turned-around legs of the Race I’ve ever seen. Admittedly, I’ve never driven on a freeway in Denmark, but the frequency with which certain teams got lost was pretty out of hand, no? That’s The Amazing Race at its purest, though — luck (or lack thereof) can have a major impact on the game, and tonight proved that without a doubt.

The leg began back at Malawi’s Sunbird Livingstonia resort, where the teams (led by Olympians Tommy and Andy) were told to fly to Copenhagen, Denmark. Andy admitted, “With five victories, people are not smiling at us as much.” Apropos of that, the teams were also warned to expect another Double U-Turn. Team OCD’s Cindy immediately vowed to take advantage of that option this time around. As the teams headed to the airport, Team Dad and Lad (Laurence and Zac) realized they biffed the last U-Turn by choosing a team who had already passed through. In hopes of correcting their course, they made a bold move and booked an earlier flight through London while the other teams all flew through Amsterdam. Team OCD realized Dad and Lad were up to something and tried to ask what was going on. All they got were cagey answers from the father-son duo and some eyebrow gesticulations from Laurence that gave Browsie a run for his money. Cindy summed them (particularly Laurence) up best: “Super shady.”

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