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The Amazing Race recap: 'Move Goat (Malawi)'

In this season’s least eventful leg yet, Team NFL come back from behind after a misplaced clue undoes the Siblings

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Ernie Cindy
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The Amazing Race

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This week’s Amazing Race brought to you by the Foundation for Equalizer Awareness. Seriously. Another one. It’s getting to be a farce. On the upside, we had the first true Pit Stop nail biter this leg, the result of which I’m sure delighted fans of the Olympians (Andy and Tommy)… not to mention those who don’t care for Team OCD (Ernie and Cindy). To be fair to Team OCD, I’m beginning to suspect there isn’t room left to hate them in anyone’s heart given how continually obnoxious, cutthroat, and generally unlikable Team Dad and Lad’s Laurence has been. Karma is going to have a field day with him one day. Perhaps not in front of cameras and millions of viewers (though a girl can dream!)… but there will be comeuppance.

This leg began after the teams slept overnight in Malawi’s remote Kumbali Village. The spread was less than 40 minutes between the Olympians and Team NFL (Marcus and Amani), all of which mattered not one bit because everyone boarded the same bus to their next destination: Salima. As they made their way there, Team OCD admitted frustration at the continued mistakes that have landed them once again in the middle of the pack, adding that they’re seriously considering using their Express Pass this leg. We also got a little bit of back story from Team Sibling Rivalry, namely that Justin chose Jennifer as the first person to whom he would come out of the closet. At which point I began to worry for the Siblings. Not unlike Showgirl Kaylani’s revelation she was a single mom and the Twins’ discussion of their father’s passing, this shoehorned personal info reeked of the Loser Edit, no?

Once the teams arrived in Salima, Amani had to complete a Speed Bump slide puzzle, arranging the pieces to match Malawi’s flag. For puzzle people, this would have been a breeze, but for Amani it was a definite challenge. As she labored, one team after another finished the Road Block, which involved transporting a person and a fish on a bike taxi to one of three locations, then trading their earnings for the next clue. Of course we saw this week’s requisite Cathi Falls Down shot, but the most notable lowlight came when Cindy insultingly called the villagers “primitive,” wondered why the kids weren’t in school, and groused that, for a country whose national language was English, no one seemed to speak it. Entitlement yikes! Despite the seemingly straightforward task, most of the teams had a lot of problems. Olympian Andy’s pedals both fell off, and he lost time getting his bike repaired. Laurence and Team Divorcees’ Sandy, oddly, decided to work together, and Sandy called it “the blind leading the blind.”

Despite her comments, Cindy had no major problems and finished first. Andy and Cathi followed. Jennifer was on track to put the Siblings in fourth place when she realized she’d left her clue with Justin and didn’t know whether she needed to complete more steps before returning the starting point. She stood at the drop-off paralyzed by indecision and hoping to tag along with another team. As she paced around looking like a lost child, all the other teams, including NFL, finished without passing her. Showing how far the Siblings have come from their bickering beginnings, Justin was more concerned for his sister’s safety than anything else. Eventually, Jennifer picked a direction and biked back to Justin, angry with herself. On the plus side, she wasn’t dead!

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