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The Amazing Race recap: 'We Love Your Country Already... (Malawi)'

All the gains for last week’s underdogs were obliterated in Malawi, but fate smiled on the last-place Racers in yet another non-elimination leg

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Remember how deftly the deck was shuffled last week? Well that was utterly meaningless. They should have called this season The Amazing Equalizer for all the times that the teams have been stuck in a giant cluster due to parks or planes or buses or what-have-you. I suppose any one of these equalizers would have been more exciting if this Race hadn’t been so utterly predictable. As it were, tonight’s plane to Malawi only served to re-establish roughly the same pecking order that was in place since leg one. I know these circumstances (and the drama they’re supposed to bring with them) can’t truly be planned in a logistical sense, but man was it disappointing when the one thing that made last week interesting was effectively nullified within this week’s first 10 minutes. Agree or disagree?

Which brings us back to the start: With only two hours between the first team (NFL’s Marcus and Amani) and the last team (Divorcees Jeremy and Sandy), everyone learned they’d be traveling to Malawi — on the same flight. En route, we learned that Marcus and Amani have four children, one of whom is special needs, and they are running this race to inspire their child to persevere. In a related note, Jennifer is a special education teacher. She said, “I would do anything for my special ed kids, and that’s kind of how I feel about this race — it is my special baby, and I will do what it takes to win.” Hmmmm…

As bad luck would have it, Team NFL and second-place Team Ma & Pa (Bill and Cathi) were effectively penalized for buying their tickets early when they were stuck in the back of the plane. So, as the teams arrived in Africa and traveled to a tobacco warehouse, the frontrunners were officially pushed to the back. Along the way, Cathi gave this episode its title when she told a cab driver, “We love your country already, it’s very spacious.” You can’t really argue with that — especially after coming from Bangkok, I guess.

The teams arrived at the Road Block, where they have to transport 10 200-pound bales of tobacco through a warehouse using a small dolly. Clearly this was a guy’s challenge, so all the ladies (plus Team Dad and Lad’s Zac and Team Olympians’ Andy) stood on the sidelines. Can we just pause for a minute and imagine the Showgirls or Twins completing this task? It would have been a disaster! Then again, the ultra-cheery, singing-and-dancing warehouse workers probably could have exchanged moves with the Showgirls, so that would have been a plus… There was very little worth noting except Bill finally getting the chance to put his farm skills to use and Marcus trotting around in a ridiculously tight orange jumpsuit. Long story short, the task was little more than a game of bumper car(t)s, and those who arrived at the task first generally finished first.

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