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The Amazing Race recap: Stamp of Approval

The final four teams continue their race through China — whether they like it or not

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Monty Brinton/CBS

The Amazing Race

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What a night of surprises! No, not that Brent and Caite would act inappropriately and rudely toward their host country, silly! But surely you all couldn’t have predicted who would come in first…or last, for that matter. Before I give any more away, let’s recap…

Jet and Cord left the pit stop first to find the ”Garden Bridge” which is apparently something so drastically different in Chinese that even English speakers in Shanghai have no idea what it is. We learned a little more about these adorable cowboys when Cord calmly recalled how in 2001 he ”caught the end of a hoof in the side of the head.” His skull was crushed and he didn’t know if he was going to live or die. If that happened to me, I’d burst into tears just saying the word ”hoof” and I certainly would have milked it for sympathy throughout the race. ”Um, taxi driver? I took a hoof to the head. Go faster!” But not our Cord. He’s just grateful to be alive, and it shows. He and Jet have joyously run this race from the beginning, and it’s impossible not to root for them going into the end. And boys? I hereby apologize for making fun of ”oh my gravy.” You’ve earned the right to overuse your ridiculous little saying.

Brent and Caite left second, though it’s amazing they were able to move an inch with that giant chip on Caite’s shoulder. ”I still get people every single day making negative comments,” she said of those who’ve mocked her legendary Miss Teen USA comments. She’s been running this race to prove to the world that she’s no idiot. And you have to give it to her: She’s lasted longer than a lot of teams, so she’s definitely got something. And this week, what she had was the smarts to ask some teenager with a wireless device to find out what the Garden Bridge was. With that move of the night, their lead was set.

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