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The Amazing Race recap: Donkey Work

Teams ride donkeys, build donkeys, and… practice their calligraphy?

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Amazing Race Recap

The Amazing Race

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Phil Keoghan
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This week, Brendon and Rachel start off the eighth leg (still in Italy) ready to win. I guess everyone goes on The Amazing Race in it to win, but Brendon and Rachel are on another level.

First task: Teams have to drive 80 miles to nearby Civita di Bagnoregio to find the first clue. There’s a warning, though: U-Turns ahead. This gives Brendon and Rachel an opportunity to strategize in the car and go over how they want to give the Cowboys the U-Turn, because, as Rachel says, “we want a first place win.” Oooh, so that’s why they’re here!

Caroline and Jennifer work with Dave and Connor to get directions from Point A to Point Civita di Bagnoregio, and their teamwork is kind of adorable: “We think the world of the girls,” Dave says before gushing about how the country singers are quality people. The adorableness factor slowly goes down as Dave’s kind words start veering into, “wait, does he just have a huge crush on them?” territory. Or maybe his affections for the two are just an elaborate plan to get tight enough with them so he can set one up with cute son Connor. Amazing Race fan fiction, get at me.

Once they get directions and hop in their respective cars, the father-son duo leads while the country singers follow closely behind. But Dave and Connor end up in front of a huge truck, and the country singers end up behind that huge truck… meaning the country singers are lost, and convinced the oh-so-sweet Dave is actually trying to ditch them. Uh, ladies, did you not realize Dave is in love with you? I’m pretty sure if Dave won the final prize, he would take the check and hand it over to Jennifer and Caroline just to be a nice guy. But they aren’t too mad about the potential ditching, and have an aw-moment where Jennifer says, “Caroline, we’re on The Amazing Race,” pause, “Again.” They are so grateful to be there, and they’re so excited, and this just makes me want to hand them the check for being so sweet. Gushing over (for now).

Jet and Cord are off after these three teams, then Leo and Jamal, and Flight Time and Big Easy are the last to embark on the eighth leg. This late start (plus the fact that they are really bad at obtaining directions) will later lead to their demise. Really though, they are so bad at asking for directions. “English! English!” is not how you get people to help you out, guys.

Once they all get to the clue, they find that they have a…

NEXT: Everyone falls off their donkeys