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Almost Human recap: 'Beholder'

Detective Stahl is caught between two worlds when the team investigates a killer targeting “chromes”

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Almost Human
Katie Yu/Fox

Almost Human

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Michael Ealy, Karl Urban

Welcome back, Human-iacs!

If all you Stahl/Minka Kelly haters out there were hoping that the show would sideline everyone’s least favorite perfect specimen of genetic engineering after her spotlight episode a couple weeks back, well, have we got bad news for you. Get ready for more Minka Kelly-heavy action with another plotline revolving around “chromes,” the genetically modified class of beautiful people that Stahl is a member of.

This week we start with a man playing a nifty interactive golf simulation. He’s interrupted by a hooded creeper who looks a bit like The Arrow after a few botched plastic surgery attempts. The hooded man electrocutes his victim and extracts something from his body.

At the station, Dorian takes a call for Kennex from a woman named Samantha. They commiserate over how annoying Kennex is, which is always hilarious. Kennex went out with Samantha and got “holo-blocked” after she took calls from her mother and several others during the date. (There’s some amusing discussion here about the bro code that sadly fails to use the phrase “robro-code.”) Stahl comes in and spoils all the fun by asking our duo to investigate the supposed heart attack death of Mr. Golf Guy. Turns out he’s a chrome and as Stahl¬† boasts, “We don’t die young.”

The deceased, Brian Barrow, is a typical chrome in peak physical condition. Dorian notices the puncture wound where the killer injected Brian and pulls the DNA of seven people, all of whom died of seemingly natural causes. However, Maldonado notes that all the victims are attractive. (Easy, tiger! What happened to Maldonado’s possible lawyer paramour from episode five?) This looks like the work of a serial killer who kills hotties. (Look out, Stahl!)

Next, we find the killer receiving facial procedures from a doctor in a shadowy lab. (This show really makes use of its shadowy lab sets.) The press is all over the beautiful people being killed thing, so Stahl decides to follow a lead to Electus, a club exclusively for genetically modified types like herself.

At Electus, Stahl receives quite a bit of shade thrown in her general direction from the hostess who thinks it’s weird that a chrome would become something as pedestrian as a police officer. (Everyone’s surprise over Stahl being a cop doesn’t quite track — are chromes really so advanced that becoming a criminal behavior specialist is something to be looked down upon?) The owner, Jake Bowman, steps in and charms the admittedly easily charmed Stahl. (Hey, she’s a sucker for Kennex’s gruff witticisms. It really doesn’t take much.)

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