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Almost Human recap: 'Simon Says'

Kennex and Dorian play “Simon Says” with a mad bomber who broadcasts his twisted games over the Internet

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Almost Human

Almost Human

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Michael Ealy, Karl Urban

Happy New Year and welcome back to the Almost Human recaps!

When we last left off, Det. Kennex and his android partner Dorian had just taken down a seedy artificial body parts ring. Oh, and Fox was airing the episodes out of order. Certainly that has changed in the new year, right?

Unfortunately, no. This week’s outing, “Simon Says,” is actually episode 10 in the production order despite it being the seventh episode to air. (Also, we were promised John Larroquette as Dorian’s creator in the last episode’s “next on” promo and he’s nowhere to be found this week. Did Fox use the holidays to shuffle around the episodes yet again?) To make matters even more confusing, next week we’ll be getting episode two. When will episode nine air? Who knows!

Well, at least we get a fun and intense installment this week. With its successful mix of comedy and actual stakes, it just might be the best episode yet. Plus, we find out what Internet commenters are like in 2048. (Hint: they’re pretty much like Internet commenters in 2014.) Simon says…let’s get into the recap!

We kick things off this week at the precinct, where the squad is dealing with the after effects of a solar flare. Power is running low for charging the androids, and Det. Paul is in charge of the rationing because he gets all the crummy gigs at the station. Suddenly, Dorian storms in and decks Paul for giving the MX androids charging priority over him. Dorian apologizes and explains that he has barely half a charge left and it’s causing his emotion circuits to be on the fritz. It’s nice to see these two butting heads since the whole thing about how the other officers don’t trust Dorian has sort of been dropped. (You can blame the Fox Episode Shuffle Bot 5000 for that one.) Also, ya gotta love Paul asking his MX why he didn’t back him up and then ordering it to go get him coffee.

In the squad car, Dorian is on edge. His personality interface is on the fritz, and if he doesn’t recharge soon, his other systems will start to power down. Oh, and he’d also really like his own space away from the stiff MXs. (This is a call back to a few episodes ago when Dorian floated the idea of rooming with Kennex.) We also find out that Kennex has a trophy room dedicated to his salad days as a high school sports star. Kennex and Dorian’s banter continues to be a delight. (And can we all agree that Michael Ealy kills it in this episode? It’s unlikely he’ll get an Emmy nod since sci-fi shows are routinely ignored come awards season, but he really should get some accolades for what he’s doing here.)

NEXT: The Darknet Rises…


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