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Almost Human recap: 'Perception'

Kennex and Dorian investigate deaths caused by a new designer drug with ties to Detective Stahl’s past

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Almost Human

Almost Human

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Michael Ealy, Karl Urban

Welcome back, Almost Human-oids! Or perhaps you prefer “Humaniacs” or “Stahl-agmites”? (Ha ha, just kidding, that last one will never catch on.)

This week’s episode, “Perception,” kicks off with a visually stunning teaser where two young women separately tweak out on a new designer drug. In both cases, their minds are expanded and they see all sorts of colors and patterns. One walks through the woods and is surrounded by bees. The other conducts a virtual orchestra. It’s all pretty weird. Suddenly, they both collapse. Don’t use futuristic designer drugs, folks.

Meanwhile, in Kennex’s spacious apartment, our hero is dreaming of his ex-girlfriend Anna. You know, the one who betrayed him and helped raid the precinct. She says she wants to show him something, but you’ll have to wait a couple acts to find out what it is. Kennex wakes up and leaves himself a digital Post-It note (this would’ve been an excellent place for some product placement, Fox!) as a reminder. It’s sort of like a dream journal, but spread out all over the wall like the musings of a serial killer.

Kennex and Dorian then go to examine the body of the girl who died in the woods, while Det. Stahl takes a look at the late conductress. Also, Kennex calls Dorian “Benedict Android” for revealing his location to Captain Maldonado, which is my favorite robot-related pun this week. Looks like both girls died of cardiac arrest likely due to an overdose. Kennex finds a container in his victim’s pocket. Suddenly he gets a flash of Anna from his dream. The other victim also has a container. Yep, definitely drugs.

Turns out the girls, Scarlett Davis and Eleanor Church, were genetically engineered “chromes” just like the precinct’s resident specimen of human perfection Detective Stahl. Not to be confused with the Web browser of the same name, chromes are basically super fancy test tube babies with perfect genes. Maldonado suggests that Stahl deal with the parents since she’s down with the chrome life herself. See, chromes don’t get addicted to drugs since they are genetically perfect, but they do like to experiment with the hard stuff because apparently you can’t remove the curiosity gene. Dorian reveals that the same drug compound was found in the body of a girl named Lyla who attended the Mendel School with Scarlett and Eleanor.

Meanwhile, Kennex is still getting flashes of Anna and pops one of the pills he occasionally takes to help jog his memory. Except Dorian knows that Kennex has been taking pills, because he checks his vitals every 72 hours. D’oh!

NEXT: Kennex (re)collects his thoughts…