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'Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.' recap: 'The Team'

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Eric McCandless/ABC

Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

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Clark Gregg, Ming-Na Wen, Chloe Bennet

What do you get when you take the Secret Warriors, S.H.I.E.L.D., and a dangerous Inhuman god, and then tangle them up with each other? What Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. likes to call a “game changer” of an episode — and certainly an episode that will fuel the upcoming episodes as we head into the last few hours of the season.

We left off last week with most of our team compromised, and we start with Daisy and Lincoln on their way to pick up the Secret Warriors. Joey’s on a date, Elena’s about to get on a bus…but as we know from Mack and Bobbi and Hunter, spies don’t get vacations! (They do get cool watches, though.) Daisy explains what happened with Hydra. The bad part is they don’t know anything. The good part is that they think they can get into the base through service walls and Daisy can take care of the rest with her powers. And away we go! (No, really. Jumping out of a plane and everything. Secret Warriors be rockin’.)

Malick and Hive have already arrived back at base, where Giyera tells them about how he took the plane down. On the plane, things are going from bad to worse. The team is being pursued by Lucio (the Inhuman with the Cyclops eyes), but Daisy finds the Zephyr while Lincoln, Joey, and Elena BAMF it up with their powers. Lincoln finds Malick by accident when he throws another guy through a wall, and Daisy finds her team, who have barricaded themselves into a room in an attempt to fight and take care of May, who is gravely injured. (I laughed out loud when Elena knocked politely on the door as everyone waited for an attack. Classic Marvel.)

May insists she can fly despite her injury, and the team manages to escape with Malick on board in cuffs. Hive’s not worried, though. They’ve got a spy on the inside (Hercules Mulligan? No, probably more like Malick.) Meanwhile, the Secret Warriors are recounting their first real battle on an adrenaline high, excitedly sharing stories about their victories and bonding. There’s a slight bit of tension, though — Daisy is upset that Lincoln went behind her back and took the Kree artifact to James without asking. But in happier news, Mack has learned Spanish and his friendship with Elena is muy bueno (and adorable) He gives her kind of a run down of the history of S.H.I.E.L.D. and the SSR since Elena is a little wary of an organization that sometimes kill people. Simmons and Fitz, meanwhile, quarantine Lucio who is “dead-ish.” (Oh, those Inhumans.) May watches from recovery, stealth as ever.

Coulson goes to see Malick, hoping to get information about Hive. And oh, does he get it. Malick gives him the run around and tells him a story about his daughter and her horse riding as a parallel to Hydra before telling Coulson that Hive killed her. “It’s a god; it’s just not ours,” Malick ominously reminds Coulson before telling him that it’s simple: People who once served him now serve Hive. How? Well, he’s powerful, and he can do this thing called mind control, where he makes Inhumans serve him. Coulson doesn’t believe him…at least not until Malick keeps goading him with stories. He leaves Malick and tells Mack to quietly lock down the base, just in case. He goes to his team secretly and tells them that he thinks one of the Inhumans is infected, though Daisy interrupts them suspiciously. She follows orders, though, telling her team about the new security measures.

NEXT: How did we know that this plan would work?


Elena, for her part, is not happy. Add to the fact that they can’t find Joey all of a sudden, and things get a little tenser. Daisy takes a moment with May where May applauds her leadership skills, and Daisy admits she thinks Coulson’s having her lie to her team about the lockdown. Does it ever get easier for leaders? Not really, but May believes if Coulson IS making her lie, it’s for the right reasons.

In a scene reminiscent of Coulson’s talk with Ward so long ago, Coulson goes back to talk to Malick, and admits he murdered Ward out of revenge because he’s still feeling guilty about his actions. “That’s the sin that gave your devil new life.” He offers Malick a chance at revenge for Hive’s murder of Stephanie, and while Malick admits he never envisioned his last rodeo being with S.H.I.E.L.D., he does seem receptive to the idea.

May finds Mack, and warns him that whatever’s going on, the Inhumans are staring to wonder. Fitz and Simmons, meanwhile, are trying to confirm Lucio’s infection with the way the parasites infect the brain via an autopsy where we learn that Fitz does not approve of Simmons’ Dana Scully voice notes. Or heads that get cut open. Their suspicions are correct, though, and then everything devolves into chaos: The lights go out, Mack sees the kill weapon he’d shown Elena earlier has disappeared, and worse, Malick’s dead with the bomb in front of him. Coulson gathers the Secret Warriors in quarantine, with Elena confused as to why they’re suddenly all being blamed for someone’s death and Lincoln’s temper getting the best of him when he finds out they’re being singled out because they’re Inhumans. When Joey comes back, the group drills him on where he was, and things go from bad to worse with everyone turning against each other. It’s Lord of the Flies time, now!

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Or Clue, really. Because now, pitted against each other, Lincoln doesn’t even trust Daisy. (But given that Mack finds the Kree artifact in Lincoln’s locker when searching, no one else trusts Lincoln.) Daisy manages to rally her team together and gets them out by way of a secret elevator…which leads them right into Coulson’s containment unit, a.k.a. the nice special white Island-like room where we keep all the people we don’t trust. All eyes are now on Lincoln because they remember him saying he got a glimpse of Ward during the battle at Transia, and all signs DO point to the fact that he should be the infected Inhuman. But he claims he wasn’t brainwashed. (He does go crazy, though, trying to defend himself, and Daisy knocks him out before he can attack anyone. Ah, leadership.)

Later, a guilt-ridden Daisy tells Coulson she feels like she failed her team because of the way they all turned on each other, but Coulson tells her that the day wasn’t her fault. “Hive destroyed the most sacred thing for a team: trust.” And indeed he did. Elena and Mack are no longer on speaking terms. Joey is getting his blood taken but doesn’t want to be anywhere near S.H.I.E.L.D. or the Secret Warriors now. Lincoln, for his part, is hanging out in his containment unit where he’s being kept. The Secret Warriors need to be disbanded because they can’t be in contact with Hive for their own safety.

NEXT: It’s quiet uptown


In a quiet moment, Fitz and Simmons are cuddling together and sharing thoughts about their team…and then they kiss again. And yes, this is a real kiss — a long, passionate kiss even more genuine than the one that occurred earlier this season. Fitz is immediately worried he’s pushed too hard, but Simmons is in agreement that this is what thy need because they’ve spent too long apart from each other. “Who needs space? Because I’ve got something magnificent right here.” Excuse me. I’m not crying; there’s just something in my eye. It’s been ultimately wonderful to see these two rebuild their relationship in the second half of the season, the slow build of trust and respect that was always there below the surface coming back to bring them together again. (Also, Leo Fitz: Best. Boyfriend. Ever.)

Daisy comes to see Lincoln, who continues to claim he didn’t do it. But Daisy knows — she’s here to get her boyfriend out of here. That way they can be together. S.H.I.E.L.D. can’t hold them when they’re this powerful. If you haven’t already picked up on the fact that something is suspicious, Daisy’s words confirm it, and Lincoln realizes immediately that Daisy is the one who’s been infected all along. Daisy is the inside girl. Remember when she and Hive came face-to-face in the control room while Daisy was rescuing the team for a hot second? Apparently, Hive used his powers to infect her and make her serve him. Lincon tries to tell her Hive is using her, but Daisy’s happier than she’s ever been. (Oh, yeah. Daisy did everything — she killed Malick with her quake powers but covered herself by putting the bomb there, and Malick knew that Hive would send someone who was not him to do the deed. She also framed Lincoln with the Kree artifact so S.H.I.E.L.D. could stay down.) Before taking off, she uses her powers to wreak havoc on the base, taking the rest of the Terrigen crystals, and everyone instantly knows what’s happened. Too little, too late, Coulson — live with THAT guilt because you started all of this by killing Ward.

As for where Daisy is headed? Hive knows, and he also knows Malick is dead. But what is he going to do about it? Why, spend his money, of course. (Did someone say “missiles?” Okay, I don’t actually know what Hive plans to do with Malick’s money. But it’s not going to be good.)

Debriefing Notes:

  • It was a small moment, but Jemma helping May with her injury and taking care of her at the beginning of the episode gave me a lot of feelings.
  • “I’ve met gods.” Yeah, but Hive isn’t exactly Thor or Loki.
  • Look, I was never a “SkyeWard” shipper, but I do appreciate that Hive, as Ward, uses “Skye” when he talks about her as opposed to Daisy. That’s how his memories would work, after all.