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Agents of SHIELD recap: Maveth

As the team works against the clock to save Fitz and Coulson, the mysterious planet offers some answers of its own.

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At the beginning of the season, we learned that “Maveth” is the Hebrew word for “death.” It’s a word we would hear over and over, mostly in relation to the monolith. But “death” has also been seen throughout the season in other ways: through losing those we love fatally (Rosalind), through losing those we love non-fatally (Garner), and through losing our sense of self (Simmons). The winter finale of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. made it very clear that even though Ward believes the monolith gave him life (more on that later on), death is still very much a threat for these characters.

Last week, we left off with Fitz, Ward, and some other Hydra guys having gone through the portal, along with Coulson, who had made the jump without anyone knowing. Ward wants to get this mission over with, and his impatience for Fitz and his science pisses him off enough to ignite a fight between the two. When Ward tries to threaten him with the fact Simmons will be killed if he doesn’t make it back, Fitz doesn’t back down: He just reminds Ward he’s expendable.

I’ve talked about character growth a lot this season, but seriously, watching Fitz grow up on screen has been an unparalleled treat. From the first episode of season 3, he’s proven himself by standing up for his beliefs and his friends. Two seasons ago, and even last season, he probably would have backed down from Ward altogether. Now? He’s stepping up and meeting his match. Their fight is interrupted by the discovery of a statue that looks like a Hydra symbol, and, uh… hail Hydra, I guess?

Back on Earth, Hunter and Bobbi return to base and tell an aggravated Mack everything that happened. (Seriously, Mack’s been in this job for like, less than a day and I’m pretty sure he already needs to drink.) How do they get Fitz and Simmons back? Easy: Just take over the castle, open the portal again, and bring them home. Which would be super easy if, you know, the compound wasn’t being watched by Hydra. Oh, and Daisy’s noticed that they’re bringing in Inhumans from the ATCU (for that whole army-building thing Malick’s into), including Garner, so they’re pretty much doubly screwed. Super Awesome Leader Mack figures out that the only way to do this is through infiltration — no tactical support — and Daisy finds that they can get into the castle via the aqueducts in the portal chamber. The group ships out on Mack’s orders, and I’m left wondering if it’s wrong that Mack has won me over as a leader in one episode more than Coulson has in more than 50.

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Back on the planet, Fitz has had it with Ward and is making that clear. What Fitz is really doing is searching for Will’s bunker, which he finds — along with a battered, injured Will, who instantly realizes who his savior is. They don’t get much of a chance to talk before Ward finds them, however, and he goes in for the kill. Fitz saves him by declaring that Will is going to be their guide. Ward sees the symbol on Will’s space suit, which seems to convince him enough.

Will tells them that he was attacked by “It” after Simmons left, hence his injury. Hearing this, Ward becomes instantly more on board with Will Daniels, Alien Planet Guru, though Will isn’t really sure why Ward wants to find this creature in the first place.

Meanwhile, Coulson — remember Coulson? — is having a really nice dream about waking up in bed with Rosalind. Coulson just wants to stay in bed forever, and I don’t blame him, because that bed looks darn comfortable. But like Galadriel talking to Frodo, she instructs Coulson that he needs to get up and finish his quest. Coulson awakens and takes in his surroundings. “I’ll be damned,” he says. “Tatooine.” Not quite, Coulson. But hey, it’s a decent guess.

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