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Marvel's Agent Carter recap: 'The Blitzkrieg Button'

Howard Stark returns, and he’s got a big secret.

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Marvel's Agent Carter

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Now that we’re at Agent Carter‘s halfway point, it’s hard not to wonder: What’s the endgame? While plenty of interesting things happened in this episode, it doesn’t seem to be building toward any particularly clear big picture, or at least not in the way you’d think a show with only four episodes left would. There’s a very real lack of momentum and urgency that seems an awful like a leak in Agent Carter‘s gas tank, sapping away the energy from what would otherwise be a pretty fantastic television show.

Luckily for Agent Carter, this week’s return of Dominic Cooper’s Howard Stark does a little bit to make up for said lack of momentum, turning what could have been rather annoying into a mere mild concern.

Howard, you see, is back in town because he needs Peggy to covertly take stock of all his stolen tech that she found in the last episode, with the help of his high-tech camera pen. But that’s not the real reason, as Peggy finds out when she goes over the film with Stark—see, now that he knows S.S.R. has all of his tech, he needs her to steal something back.

He calls it The Blitzkrieg Button, and he says it’ll wipe out the city’s power grid if it’s used, with no way to bring it back online. Stark asks Carter to replace it with a dummy version, and to bring the real one back to him. Of course, Stark is lying about the Button—Peggy, because she’s suspicious of a man who takes every possible opportunity to cavort around with her hallmates when she’s not with him, and because Jarvis is a terrible liar, decides to do something crazy when she lifts the Button from S.S.R. HQ. She presses it.

Turns out it’s not a button at all, but a device for holding a vial of blood. Steve Rogers’ blood. You know, Captain America?

This, naturally, infuriates Peggy—she believes that Stark, with his self-absorbed profiteering, can’t possibly be up to any good with Steve Rogers’ blood. Stark tries to convince her that he just wants to do right by their presumed-dead superhero friend, but she’s not having it—ultimately deciding to keep the vial herself.

While all this is going on, a few smaller subplots unfold, each with the potential to make life a bit more complicated for Agent Carter in the near future. First, Agent Dooley leaves for Germany to interrogate one Ernst Mueller, a German colonel about to hang for his war crimes. Dooley’s interested in him because he was at Fennel, the battle that left hundreds of soldiers dead—including the two Leviathan agents who were inexplicably running around causing trouble in the first two episodes. Mueller tells Dooley that there was no battle—something massacred everyone and disappeared without a trace.

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