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30 Rock recap: Porn to Run

Tracy finds a way to sex up videogames, as Jack and Liz get into heavy corporate petting

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30 Rock

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Tina Fey, Alec Baldwin, Tracy Morgan, Jane Krakowski

Holy free holy! Last night’s episode of 30 Rockwas a doozy, was it not, TV Watchers? There were themes of greed, double-crossing, and innovation — not to mention references to Oprah, Antonio Salieri, and Star Wars — and a killer crop of guest stars. In fact, the second I saw the ever-hilarious Will Arnett appear on the screen as Devon Banks, I think I officially blue myself. Well, not really, but I did feel some unknown feeling that wasn’t even envy or hunger. But enough with all the Arrested Developmentreferences — this is 30 Rock, after all — I haven’t felt this excited about television since Shark Week (that better?)! (By the way, your regular TV Watcher, Jeff Labrecque, was locked into anothe commitment. He’ll be returning next week.)

Thanks to appearances from Banks, Don Geiss, and, of course, Dr. Spaceman, 30 Rockdelivered a fine episode last night that managed to showcase all its players in their top form. Heck, even Pete was funny. I’ll go as far as to say the episode was genius — as genius as both Mozart and Tracy Jordan, in fact. Yup, as part of the episode’s giant Amadeus parody, our resident funnyman/crazyman/idea man decided to take his IQ up a few notches and deliver something more than malapropisms and robot jokes for the sake of his poor, poor children. How, you ask? By developing porn videogames. (On a side note, I have to ask why videogame developers haven’t already offered such a product — I don’t count the headline-grabbing sex scene that popped up three years ago in Grand Theft Auto. Sure, it might be as creepy as Tom Hanks in Polar Express, but companies are sitting on a gold mine!)

Anyway, back to the show. Though Frank insisted that developing a porn videogame was impossible, explaining with the help of his ”uncanny valley” chart — the more realistic-looking the character, the more unsettling the sex is — Tracy proved him wrong by staying awake a whole six hours to hatch the perfect formula for the game. Perhaps we’ll see some Salieri-Mozart — sorry, Frank-Tracy — troubles in the future? I’m sure there’s some trucker hat out there that can express both envy and love (for porn and cheese doodles).

Meanwhile, Liz was off climbing the corporate ladder and showing more and more why I want to be her best friend. Seriously, forget Carrie Bradshaw. Who doesn’t want to kick back with a sandwich and hang out with the gorillas like our Liz Lemon? Even the suits love her bad jokes and mild drinking problem. (Thank goodness it’s still legal to drive while ”business drunk,” right Jack?) And that was a good thing, because once Geiss told Jack that he would take Geiss’ place as chairman of GE, Jack decided to turn to his most trustworthy TGS minion for his replacement. (Guess he forgot about that whole ”Grade A moron” thing.)

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