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March 13, 2017 at 09:00 PM EDT

24: Legacy

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When you need a brutal interrogation, who you gonna call? TONY “HE WILL NEVER DIE” ALMEIDA, that’s who!

In 24: Legacy‘s biggest nod to the original series to date, Carlos Bernard is back, resurrecting one of the franchise’s most beloved characters. Tony had a wild ride on 24: He began as an adversary for Jack, then became half of the show’s favorite couple, only to lose his wife Michelle, which lead to his apparent death…yet he returned as a bad guy, posing as a good guy, posing as a bad guy. Last we saw of Tony, he was planning an escape from prison in a DVD extra from 24: Live Another Day.

Somehow, since that period, he’s become the go-to off the grid interrogator for the former head of the CTU. Seems like a big jump, but my philosophy with 24 is to never ask too many questions, just go with the flow.

Legacy does have to get credit for not stringing along Tony’s return. Instead of using his reappearance as an end to the episode, he comes into the picture during the first act. CTU is still on edge after Amira’s attack on New York City, as Rebecca is feeling responsible and believes the only way to get Papa Donovan to talk is through enhanced interrogation. Surprisingly, Mullins is quickly onboard. Her sole request is that the plan is kept from John. Finding a private area, Rebecca makes the call to… Tony! He’s looking quite badass with his beard and gray hair. It’s not all business though, as there’s a hint of a personal relationship between the two.

Still sidelined by Mullins, Andy doesn’t have much to do, except go turn off the car alarm that he’s been notified about. The alarm was actually Carter’s way of luring the analyst to the garage. Carter tells Andy about what’s going on with Jadalla and asks for his help to act like they are fixing the drive, only to destroy it with a virus. While Andy sounds possibly interested, he’s curious how they’ll survive. “Andy, I don’t think we’re going to make it out,” replies Carter. At least you can’t accuse him of sugarcoating it. Carter continues the hard sell, “We’re doing this to save thousands of others. There aren’t that many people in the world who get to make this kind of a difference.” BOOM! It worked; Andy’s in. Before they head off, Andy has to retrieve his computer from the office, which he uses as an excuse to say goodbye to an unsuspecting Locke.

Elsewhere at CTU, John is pacing as he watches coverage of the explosion. As Rebecca comes in, he says he wants to do anything to help. That’s just what she wants to hear, so she takes him in for further questioning, in order to keep him busy. At this exact moment, Papa D is being set free, which he’s being very cocky about. I bet he won’t be so cocky when Tony gets his hands on him! Even though Mullins has already signed off on the interrogation, he wants to know who Rebecca got for the job. He doesn’t like the answer. “Almeida?” he asks angrily. “He’s a criminal; a lot of people are dead because of Tony Almeida.” Doesn’t matter — she says he’s right for the job since he can’t be tied to CTU. Sure, that makes sense; he has no ties to CTU other than the fact that he use to run the place!

A few people who could use the help of Tony right now are Nicole and Isaac. They’re being held hostage by Jadalla. Isaac decides to use this alone time to make a confession. “You made the right choice,” he says. “For a long time, I blamed him. But you’re not a thing that can be stolen. You’re a woman who made a choice.” How progressive of him! I bet he voted for Hillary too. Jadalla’s men come for Nicole, with Isaac putting up a fight, causing him to get roughed up. Terrorist boss man needs medical attention and luckily enough, Nicole is a nurse. You have to respect her though, she’s being quite feisty, even as Jadalla vows to kill her husband. “You can try,” she replies, “But you better not miss. Because I promise you, he won’t.” DAMN! Nicole is officially giving Beyoncé a run for my favorite Mrs. Carter.

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