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Darren Franich
June 05, 2017 AT 04:38 PM EDT

The Pentagon! Buenos Aires! Some Dakotas! The fifth part of Showtime’s revival of Twin Peaks continued the show’s global expansion. Ernie Hudson’s in the Pentagon, on the hunt for Major Briggs. There’s a black box in Buenos Aires receiving mysterious phone calls. We checked in on iconic characters like Nadine, Dr. Jacoby, and The Pajama Boy Across The Street. We discovered the hidden meaning of the Golden Shovels. And most importantly, we spent time with Dale/Dougie at the Lucky 7 Insurance Agency. Dougie’s colleague, Anthony, seems precisely as crooked as anyone played by Tom Sizemore can be. And Dougie’s boss, Bushnell Mullins, has some case files.

We make sense of the sprawl on the latest episode of A Twin Peaks Podcast: A Podcast About Twin Peaks, EW’s ongoing experiment in attempting to bring some clarity to the rollicking new season of the Mark Frost/David Lynch soap opera/art project/Fairy Tale of the End of the American Dream. Check out Jeff Jensen’s recap here, and listen to the full episode below! (Or subscribe here.)


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And now, here’s Frank enjoying a damn fine cup of green tea latte.


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