All the Times Taylor Swift's 'Ready For It?' Lyrics Possibly Reference Joe Alwyn

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Taylor Swift's "...Ready For It?" Lyrics

No rest for Taylor Swift, not even during Labor Day weekend. The 27-year-old dropped "...Ready For It?" on Sunday morning, her second song off Reputation (and the album's kick-off track). As fans were quick to point out, the sexy song includes a number of seeming references to Swift's personal life, be it past relationships or her current boyfriend, actor Joe Alwyn. Ahead, a look at the lyrics to "...Ready For It?"

"Knew he was a killer/ First time that I saw him..."

Swift opens "...Ready For It" by rap-singing about a new man who has captured her interest. If the lines are about Alwyn, that almost literally tracks with the young actor's career. His debut movie was last year's Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk, in which Alwyn starred as a U.S. soldier stricken with PTSD after a deadly firefight during the Iraq war.

"Younger than my exes/ But he act like such a man, so..."

Swift dated Tom Hiddleston (36) and Calvin Harris (33) before beginning her relationship with Alwyn (26).

"I know I'm gonna be with you/ So I take my time..."

While Swift's previous high-profile relationships were quick to explode in the press, her time with Alwyn has gone at a relatively slower pace. "Her decision to keep her relationship with Joe quiet is making her happy," a source told PEOPLE recently. "They have been getting to know each other slowly without any pressure."

"Burton to this Taylor/ Every love I've known in comparison is a failure..."

Swift has long been infatuated with Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton -- Joseph Kahn, who directed Swift's 2015 video for "Wildest Dreams," said the clip was heavily influenced by the Hollywood couple. Here, she compares her new love to their romance (while casting aspersions on previous relationships in the process).

"Never be the same now..."

Swift, of course, hasn't said who the song is about (some fans, notably, believe "...Ready For It?" references her relationship with Harry Styles). Read the lyrics below and judge for yourself...   Knew he was a killer First time that I saw him Wondered how many girls He had loved and left haunted But if he's a ghost then I can be a phantom Holding him for ransom Some boys are tryin’ too hard He don't try at all though Younger than my exes But he act like such a man so I see nothing better I keep him forever a vendetta   Pre-Chorus:   I, I, I see how this is gon go Touch me and you'll never be alone I, Island breeze and lights down low No one has to know   Chorus:   In the middle of the night In my dreams You should see the things we do Baby... Mmm... In the middle of the night In my dreams I know I'm gonna be with you So I take my time ...are you ready for it?   Knew I was a robber First time that he saw me Stealing hearts and running off and never saying ‘sorry’ But if I'm a thief then He can join the heist and We'll move to an island And, and he can be my jailer Burton to this Taylor Every love I've known in comparison is a failure I forget their names now I'm so very tame now Never be the same now, now...