Eric Renner Brown
June 22, 2017 AT 10:48 AM EDT

Radiohead shared another OK Computer-era rarity, “Man of War,” and a video to go along with it on Thursday. Colin Read directed the discomforting video, which depicts a man as he is followed through the streets.

“Man of War” will appear on OKNOTOK, the 20th-anniversary reissue of Radiohead’s seminal 1997 album that arrives Friday. It’s one of three previously unreleased — at least, officially — tracks that’ll appear on the set. The other two are “Lift” and “I Promise,” which Radiohead released along with a music video earlier this month.

Drummer Phil Selway contextualized the songs in a recent Rolling Stone oral history of OK Computer. “‘Lift,’ ‘Man-o-War,’ ‘I Promise,’ these were the songs that I think people at the label were looking at thinking, ‘Yeah, there we go. That’s gotta work,'” he recalled. “And we delivered an album that didn’t have them on there, even though they’d been recorded. So I think probably, initially, we probably wrong-footed quite a few people.”

OKNOTOK will also include the original album, B-sides from the era, and an assortment of ephemera such as a 104-page notebook of frontman Thom Yorke’s handwritten notes and sketches of the album art.

In 2013, EW named OK Computer the 45th greatest album ever.

See the “Man of War” clip above.

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