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Quoting what the Beatles said at the height of their fame in the ’60s, Darren and Chuck Criss are “just having a laugh” as they bring their own band, Computer Games, full speed ahead.

PEOPLE joined the brothers on set for their new music video for “Every Single Night,” and there was no shortage of laughs as they enlisted the help of their childhood and college friends to dress up as unicorns, mermaids and pirates.

“Being an artist, and being a band, it’s such a pain in the ass,” says Darren. “We might as well try and have as much fun as possible, so that’s what we’re trying to accomplish with the creative process.”

Chuck adds of their music: “We want it to be inclusive and just unapologetically fun.”

The band’s upbeat tune is already being pegged the “song of the summer” — an acknowledgment the two don’t take lightly as they join the ranks of their all-time favorite songs of summers past, including Len’s “Steal My Sunshine” and Smash Mouth’s “All Star.”

“Put that on my tombstone: ‘Writer of song of the summer before the summer starts,’” jokes Chuck. “To hold that title would be a dream come true, honestly. To me, that’s my favorite song of the year. There’s always that one summer song.”

Darren continues: “It’s a really democratic process. There’s no Grammy attached to it, it’s pretty undisputed. The idea of making that many people have a good time with a beer in their hand by the pool — that’s bulletproof. You can’t take that away from somebody.”

Though Computer Games is the first official project the brothers have collaborated on, they grew up playing and creating music together in their hometown of San Francisco.

“Chuck and I were always close, but once we started playing music together, rock or pop music in our basement, that really augmented our relationship,” Darren explains. “That became the backbone of the way we connected to each other.”

The two went their separate ways as Chuck went off to college and joined band Freelance Whales, and Darren snagged some great acting gigs, including a role on Glee. When they turned the corner on their thirties, though, Darren and Chuck decided it was time to form their own band.

“Our schedules never really matched up even though we were rooting each other on,” Chuck says. “We got to the point where we needed to just do this.”

Their late ’80s and early ’90s pop infused sound wasn’t intentional, but as they recorded their songs and a sound took shape, they embraced it.

“While I can’t ever possibly think we’re on the same level as Quincy Jones‘ production, those are the things we try to shoot for as far as sonic layering and making things as big and fun as possible,” says Darren.

Since Darren has been busy in other aspects of the entertainment industry, including appearing as Versace’s killer in FX’s upcoming Versace: American Crime Story, the two decided it would be best to go an independent route as opposed to signing with a label.

“I don’t know that we’d be able to accomplish what we did with this EP if we had been with a label,” Darren says. “It’s mainly the freedom of choices especially with all the other things we have going on.”

Despite having to manage two hectic schedules, and splitting their time between New York and Los Angeles, the brothers couldn’t be happier to work with one another.

“We share the same musical vocabulary so there are no road blocks when we’re exchanging ideas,” says Chuck, as Darren chimes in with an example: “It should sound like this song from this album mixed with that episode of Seinfeld.”

Chuck responds: “And that makes sense to me. There’s less embarrassment about bad ideas. What makes things hard is Darren is a very busy guy and has a ton of energy. I’m a father to kids — I spent one weekend with Darren and I come back like, ‘I’m going to have the flu for nine weeks.’”

In the end, the two are just hoping to have fun.

“I turned a corner a couple of years ago where I so desperately wanted to be my heroes, but the truth is I’ll never be anywhere close to my heroes and my heroes will never ever be me. And that’s ok,” says Darren. “All the people who were profound and did something amazing were just being themselves so if our particular variable to the equation is being fun and silly, then so be it. We hope that has a positive impact on it’s own.”

Computer Games is currently nominated as one of Macy’s iHeartRadio Rising Stars and is competing to open the 2017 iHeartRadio Music Festival in Las Vegas in September. Fans can vote for Computer Games here.

The Lost Boys Life EP is out now.

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