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Solange approves Kermit the Frog's version of 'Cranes in the Sky'

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Solange Knowles/VEVO;The Muppets Studio/ABC

This article originally appeared on Time.com.

Today, in collaborations that you never knew you needed, consider the unorthodox but genius pairing of mild-mannered Muppet Kermit the Frog and soulful singer Solange Knowles.

Thanks to Twitter user @jiljilec, Kermit became the perfect hero to bring the lyrics of Solange’s dreamy coming-of-age hit “Cranes in the Sky” to life. The Twitter user brilliantly paired pictures of everyone’s favorite felt amphibian in situations that matched lines of the single from A Seat at the Table. From showing Kermit dabbing to the line “I tried to dance it away” to showcasing him sporting a flower crown to “change it with my hair,” the series of photos are hilarious but accurate.

As might be expected, the Kermit take on “Cranes in the Sky” became the talk of the Internet and even earned a co-sign from Solange herself, who tweeted in response “legit crying.”

Follow the full saga of Kermit interpreting “Cranes in the Sky” below.