Holiday Gift Guide: For the Movie Enthusiast

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Gifts for the Movie Buff

Ahead, eight scene-stealing picks for the diehard cinephile, superhero superfan, and everyone in between.

Despicable Me 3 Flexi Cam

Keep an eye on things while you’re away by live-streaming video from the Despicable Me 3 Flexi Cam, or have fun with the two-way audio that makes your voice sound like a mischievous Minion. $60,

Compartés’ Chocolates

Who needs concession candy when you can have Compartés’ holiday collection of chocolate bars? Imaginative flavors include ­Cinnamon Toast and Gingerbread. $12 each, ­


Unlike Spidey, you won’t have to scale the Washington Monument to deploy this working replica of the Spider-Drone that was connected to the webslinger’s new suit in Spider-Man: Homecoming. $90,

Golden Snitch Clock

For Potterheads, the Golden Snitch clock is a little piece of the wizarding world brought to life. $49,

PIQS Projector

Bring movie night into the future by streaming the latest films to the PIQS projector, which comes with a virtual touch remote that lets you interact with the screen up to 20 feet away. $549,

Logan Hollowell’s Thor: Ragnarok collection

Channel your inner warrior goddess with the Valkyrie Wing Pendant from jewelry designer Logan Hollowell’s Thor: Ragnarok collection. $170,

Popkern Press T-shirts

For the movie-loving, pun-obsessed word nerd, Popkern Press T-shirts are emblazoned with playful takes on your favorite titles. (See: Citizen Kern.) $25 each,

People’s 100 Best Celebrity Photos

See stars as never before and learn the stories behind Hollywood’s most iconic pics in People’s 100 Best Celebrity Photos. $27,