Harrison Ford Loves Wearing Gray T-Shirts: An Investigation

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Hanes Solo: Harrison Ford loves his tees

In the latest issue of GQ, creative director Jim Moore shares that, for the first time in his memory, the person on the cover wore his own clothes for the photoshoot. "But Harrison Ford is a legend," Moore writes. "He's earned the right. So one day this summer, I found myself knocking on the door of his house in L.A. to see what was in his closet. Wearing the same T-shirt and jeans you see on the cover, he showed me inside and spent the next two hours trying on his favorite pieces." The T-shirt and jeans combo are, of course, an iconic look — fitting for Ford, an iconic actor. So it only makes sense he grace the magazine's latest cover wearing exactly what he loves: gray T-shirts. Ahead, see more instances of Ford's simple, yet classic look through the years.

Blade Runner 2049

In the trailer for the upcoming Blade Runner 2049, Ford's costar Ryan Gosling wears a futuristic long coat — a very 2049 look. Harrison Ford is wearing — you guessed it — an incongruously average plain, gray T-shirt. It's a nice shirt... looks pretty soft.

Extraordinary Measures

From a light heather shade to dark bluish, on screen and off, Ford has been nothing but consistent in his aesthetic. Was he wearing his own shirt in Extraordinary Measures

Six Days Seven Nights

...or in Six Days Seven Nights?

May 2013

Even on coffee runs, Ford sports his go-to uniform. Easy, simple, efficient.

What Lies Beneath

Ford and Michelle Pfeiffer found out What Lies Beneath in 2000... and she also found out what cotton blend he prefers for his time-honored tees.

Harrison Ford

As movie wardrobe, everyday street wear, or for a slightly more dressy look as seen here, Ford is clearly the T-king.

February 2013

If Ford's (shade of) gray T-shirt is good enough for a gallery opening, it's good enough for us!