By Clark Collis
July 20, 2018 at 11:29 PM EDT

A Preacher trailer screened at the show’s panel at Comic-Con’s Hall H on Friday evening promised predictably large amounts of weirdness and mayhem in the second half of FX’s reliably bizarre comic book adaptation. Notable moments? Joseph Gilgun’s Cassidy was seen hanging out with a group of fellow vampires in New Orleans, Ruth Negga’s Tulip encouraged Dominic Cooper’s Jesse to kill Betty Buckley’s Gran’ma, and Gran’ma herself sat down with Satan. The clip also offered a glimpse of the Allfather, the leader of the Grail.

“He is a disgusting mountainous thing of a man who just eats and makes himself vomit,” said executive producer Seth Rogen of the character. “There is a scene in which they eat a horse — and that is a weird scene.”

We also saw Noah Taylor’s Hitler working at Subway, or the show’s version of Subway, the sandwich chain not having agreed to have its brand seen in such a context on the show.

“They’ve had some questionable spokesmen,” said Rogen. “Where do you draw the line, Subway?”

Most of the panel’s rowdiness was generated by Gilgun, who early on looked out at the audience and made a suggestion as to what everyone could do later in the evening.

“We could really f— s— up if we all went out together,” he said. “Let’s all meet at the same bar…and tear it up!”

Cooper talked about shooting a yet-to-be-shown scene in which Jesse finds himself incarcerated in a particularly unpleasant fasion.

“I was [actually] submerged under water in a coffin,” said Cooper. “That was not fun.”

“We did not know that,” said Rogen, who seemed genuinely surprised — and amused — by this news. “That’s the first we’re hearing of that. There was no need for that shot!”

Negga, meanwhile, ruminated on the future of the Jesse-Tulip-Cassidy love triangle.

“I think they’re wedded to each other, this threesome,” said Negga. “And I think it’s a very deep and soulful connection and I don’t think either one of them would truly risk losing that. They’re these outlier pariahs and I think they’re the only family they have. They have that refrain, ‘Until the end of the world,’ and I think Tulip feels that about Jesse and Cassidy, albeit in different ways.”

Finally, asked about whether the writers will include more political material, Rogen replied, “We never thought having Hitler on the show would be relevant.”

Watch the show’s new trailer above.