By Maureen Lee Lenker
January 25, 2018 at 01:47 PM EST

If you’re dying to see all the best picture nominees on the big screen, you’re in luck — Get Out and Dunkirk are both heading back to the multiplex in the wake of their Oscar nominations.

Get Out first hit theaters nearly a year ago, opening Feb. 24, 2017 and leaving theaters last July. Dunkirk was a summer release, opening July 21 and leaving theaters Nov. 23.

Both Dunkirk and Get Out will hit select screens nationwide starting Friday. Earlier this week, Get Out scored four Oscar nominations — for best picture, best director, best original screenplay, and best actor, while Dunkirk picked up eight nominations, including Christopher Nolan’s first nod for directing, best picture, best cinematography, and best production design.

It’s not unusual for films to return to theaters or expand their release to additional locations in the wake of Oscar nominations. Each year AMC theaters hosts a best picture showcase, which will happen this year on Feb. 23 and March 3, giving viewers the option to space out the viewing over two consecutive Saturdays or cram them into a 24-hour span.

Beginning Jan. 29, AMC will also be screening all nine best picture nominees at hundreds of locations nationwide, expanding from past totals of 200 locations to 500. Get Out and Dunkirk will be included.