Ruth Kinane
December 20, 2017 AT 09:00 AM EST

It’s last call, pitches, and the Barden Bellas are sad to say goodbye — both on-screen and off.

Ahead of the release of Pitch Perfect 3, EW has an exclusive featurette of the cast getting emotional as they wrap shooting on the beloved franchise.

“We’re just so lucky to get to do this over and over again,” says Brittany Snow who plays Chloe in the movie. “Sometimes I look around and think, ‘I’m getting paid to be with people that I would hang out with anyway.'”

There’s hugs, tears, and some casual jumping off boats into the ocean in a mix of backstage footage, along with real takes from the filming of the final movie in the a cappella franchise. As the cast shares how special the experience has been to them — “I think we knew when we were shooting the first one that something special was happening,” says Anna Camp (Aubrey), while Anna Kendrick (Beca) adds, “I have wept openly in front of most of my coworkers about seven times times now” — we also get to hear the Bellas’ a cappella version of George Michael’s “Freedom! ’90” playing in the background.

Bellas for life!

The farewell tour kicks off in theaters Friday. Watch the exclusive clip above.

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