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Joey Nolfi
October 25, 2017 AT 12:19 PM EDT

Oh hai, nostalgia.

Fans of the 2003 cult classic The Room might remember a particular billboard erected by the film’s director/writer/star, Tommy Wiseau, in Los Angeles back in 2003, hawking the infamously awful film in earnest while prompting passerby to call a number to “RSVP” for a screening.

Now, 14 years later, A24 has mounted a similar ad campaign for The Disaster Artist, its James Franco-directed dramatization of The Room‘s production cycle.

The new billboard reportedly occupies the same space as the original, again asking viewers to call a number to “RSVP,” which directs callers to an automated voice message from Wiseau.

They didn’t even get the RSVP sign right smh

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Give me a call (323)616-2024

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“You’ve reached voicemail of Tommy Wiseau,” the message says. “I’m very busy guy. Maybe on another call, or maybe I just don’t want to talk to you. I’m joking, my friend. Leave me a message. Ha ha ha.”

Alas, at press time, the voice mailbox was full.

The Disaster Artist is in theaters Dec. 1. Check out the film’s new billboard above.

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