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Harry Potter

Watch these Harry Potter stars take Pottermore’s Patronus quiz

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In the Harry Potter books and films, we see several characters produce the Patronus charm — that shimmery spell that takes the form of an animal and can help ward off Dementors. Last year, Pottermore introduced a quiz that allows fans to discover what their personal Patronus would be, and for the quiz’s one-year anniversary, a trio of the franchise’s film stars took the test themselves.

Pottermore released videos Friday that showed Matthew Lewis, Tom Felton, and Warwick Davis — who played Neville Longbottom, Draco Malfoy, and Professor Flitwick/Griphook, respectively — finding out what theirs would be. Felton, for one, wasn’t happy with his Patronus results. “Here it is… my Patronus is a… rag doll cat,” he said. “Where’s my fire-breathing dragon?”

Lewis took the quiz and also got a feline Patronus, in the form of a tortoiseshell cat, while Davis’ results gave him a weasel. Watch all of their reactions below.

This trio aren’t the only Harry Potter stars to take the Patronus quiz. Last year, Evanna Lynch also participated — and wasn’t too happy when she found out hers is a salmon.