Maureen Lee Lenker
September 21, 2017 AT 04:52 PM EDT

Harry Dean Stanton may be gone, but he still has some surprises in store — most notably, his final leading role in Lucky. 

In the film, Stanton shares the screen with his longtime collaborator and friend David Lynch. Stanton plays the titular Lucky, a 90-year-old atheist on a spiritual journey, and Lynch appears as his neighbor Howard.

In a newly released clip, the two curmudgeons argue over Howard’s missing tortoise and what it meant to him. “I miss my friend,” Howard says of the animal. “His company. I miss his personality.” Those words could just as easily be Lynch’s own about Stanton, making the scene a particularly poignant one in the wake of Stanton’s passing.

Check out the clip above to see some of the final shared screen time between Lynch and Stanton. Lucky opens Sept. 29 in select theaters.

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