Clark Collis
June 21, 2017 AT 09:52 AM EDT

The eighth Saw film has a new name: Jigsaw. That, of course, is the nickname of the series’ main villain John Kramer, who was played in the previous films by Tobin Bell. It has not been announced yet whether the character of Kramer — who actually died back in 2006’s Saw III but was seen in flashbacks in subsequent films — will make an appearance in Jigsaw, which is released, Oct. 27. Back in May, however, Bell did appear to tease a contribution of some sort to what was then called Saw: Legacy with a post on Twitter.

Jigsaw is directed by Michael and Peter Spierig, whose credits include 2003’s Undead and 2009’s Daybreakers and is written by Pete Goldfinger and Josh Stolberg, who are best known for Piranha 3D.

The announcement about the name change came via the horror series’ official Twitter account. You can see that post below.

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