June 01, 2017 at 09:00 AM EDT

If things like transitional cornering ability and drag coefficients really start your engine, this new Cars 3 clip was custom manufactured for you.

All those nimble young racers you’ve been hearing about in Cars 3 are front and center in a new clip from the Disney/Pixar sequel, due in theaters June 16. As we already know, Lightning McQueen (Owen Wilson) has been feeling the de facto growing pains of aging out of a racing world that’s being increasingly dominated by millennials like Jackson Storm (Armie Hammer).

But it’s not just in his head — there’s statistical proof! Thank Natalie Certain, a primo sports analyst voiced by Kerry Washington, who is on hand to explain just how furious these fast racers can be. Watch EW’s exclusive clip, which shows Lightning coming to terms with just how out of touch he is — and how what he’ll need to do to get his head back on track.

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