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Chris Evans, McKenna Grace answer kids' questions about the universe

Grace may play a ‘Gifted’ child in her new movie, but some of these are head-scratchers.

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McKenna Grace may play a Gifted child in her new movie with Chris Evans, but some of these questions are real head-scratchers.

The movie stars sat down with Vanity Fair to answer a series of questions about the universe posed by kids. They gave their thoughts, which were then confirmed or refuted by Harry Hunter, a “real genius” with an IQ of 160.

“Why is the sky blue?” one child asked in the video. “Because orange would clash,” Evans said, while Grace had a more creative answer. “Whenever the dinosaurs were alive, they painted the sky blue,” she jokes.

The pair also ruminated over airplanes, birds, the biggest number, air, and whether there’s enough food on the planet to feed all of humanity. “I think that our knowledge about the unicorns was more correct than the genius,” Grace said of her response to how planes are able to fly. “Yeah, I’m not impressed with the geniuses,” Evans agreed. “Maybe they should read a book about unicorns.”

Gifted stars the Captain America actor as Frank Adler, a man trying to give his prodigy niece (Grace) a normal life and sparring with his mother (Lindsay Duncan), who has different plans for the child. The film opens Friday in select theaters before going wide on April 21.

Watch VF‘s video with the stars above.