Devan Coggan
April 03, 2017 AT 01:06 PM EDT

If you haven’t been watching the first season of the off-the-wall superhero show Legion, you’ve been missing out on Aubrey Plaza’s absolutely bonkers performance as Lenny Busker. (No spoilers, but Lenny has an overwhelming passion for Twizzlers, a taste for mischief, and a penchant for trippy dance sequences set to Nina Simone.) Now, the first teaser trailer for the upcoming film Ingrid Goes West has arrived, introducing a radically different but equally insane Plaza performance.

The trailer for Matt Spicer’s black comedy follows Plaza as the titular Ingrid, a seriously psychotic young woman who takes Instagram obsession to the next level. When we first meet her, she’s storming into a wedding reception to pepper spray the bride — all because she wasn’t invited. From there, things take even more of a downward spiral, as Ingrid fixates on a social media “influencer” played by Elizabeth Olsen, moving across the country to meet and befriend her in real life.

Ingrid premiered earlier this year to rave reviews at the Sundance Film Festival, where it earned the award for best dramatic screenplay. O’Shea Jackson Jr., Wyatt Russell, and Billy Magnussen also star.

Ingrid Goes West will hit theaters on Aug. 4. Watch the NSFW trailer above.

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