March 14, 2017 at 07:10 PM EDT

With Disney’s live-action Beauty and the Beast arriving in theaters this week, the film’s 1991 animated predecessor has just received the Honest Trailers treatment, and it raises a few uncomfortable questions about a “tale as old as Stockholm syndrome.”

The video notes, for example, that Belle rejects Gaston — a “violent, controlling, bad-mannered hairy dude who imprisons her dad” — in favor of the Beast, who just so happens to be a violent, controlling, bad-mannered hairy dude who imprisons her dad. What’s up with that?

The plight of the anthropomorphic housewares that serve the Beast is also troubling.

“Did everything that moves use to be a person?” the trailer’s narrator wonders. “Like, are all those plates people? And what happened to all the actual stuff — did it merge with the servants? Will they go to trial for murdering all those villagers? … If the Beast earned the curse, why did all his servants get deformed too?”

Fortunately, the movie features plenty of songs that “manage to distract us from its messed-up story.” Watch the video above to see some of those songs get remixed, and find more honest trailers on PEN.

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