March 10, 2017 at 09:43 AM EST

As we creep closer to Alien: Covenant‘s release date of May 19, the film keeps dropping tantalizing looks into its world.

Take this interesting advertisement of sorts for the all new Walter — that would be Michael Fassbender, whom we see transform from a skeletal frame that’s sort of sous-vide into a handsome bot “created to serve.” It all feels incredibly creepy, set to the song “I Feel You” by Melanie De Biasio (take what you will from that), and if this all seems awfully familiar, then remember there was a similar sort of campaign during 2012’s Prometheus, when Fassbender was playing an earlier model, David 8. (You can watch that one here).

Take a look above and start your theorizing! Oh, and there’s a website — — if you’d like to reserve your own.

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