March 07, 2017 at 02:51 PM EST

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Okay. So, like, some of Hollywood’s biggest stars are totally channeling their inner Cher Horowitz

Andrew Garfield, Adam Driver, Lucas Hedges and Alden Ehrenreich weren’t totally clueless when it came to performing the teen’s famous, pro-immigration debate speech from the popular ’90s film Clueless.

In W magazine’s latest Casting Call video the actors go all out for the high schooler’s speech, but Hedges delivers the most casual performance — likely because the 20-year-old wasn’t born when the 1995 cult-classic Clueless came out.

Driver, however, was passionate when delivering the speech — so passionate that we’ll overlook the fact that he mistakenly pronounces “Haitians” correctly.

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It seems Garfield has seen the teen movie plenty of times, as his impression of Horowitz was spot-on. The Hacksaw Ridge actor waved his hands and rolled his eyes in a way that would make the glamorous teen proud.

Garfield’s most shining moment comes at the end, though, when he passionately delivers Horowitz’s iconic line: “It does not say R.S.V.P on the Statue of Liberty.”

The footage is part of the series directed by Lynn Hirschberg, which features some of this year’s biggest stars reading scenes from famous movies.

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