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Derek Lawrence
March 03, 2017 AT 05:47 PM EST

No rookie to playing villains, Luke Evans once again took on the role of adversary in the upcoming live-action adaptation of Beauty and the Beast. For Evans, portraying Gaston was a unique challenge.

Taking part in a special Q&A on EW’s Tumblr, the Fast & Furious alum was asked why he wanted to play Belle’s (Emma Watson) jilted courter.

“He’s one of Disney’s best loved and hated villains,” he responded. “It was a challenge to make the audience laugh at him, as well as hate him.”

When it came to getting into character, the Welsh actor said he watched the animated film with his godchildren and joked, “I attempted to eat five dozen eggs a day, but it made my tummy bad.”

Beauty and the Beast served as a return to Evans’ musical roots. “Musical theatre has never left my blood,” he said. “I was waiting for the right project to be able to marry my theatre background with my film career. This movie was it!!!”

To find out Evans’ favorite scene from the film, what other Disney character he’d love to play, and more, check out his full Q&A here.

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